Jan 5, 2009

So random I cannot even think of a title :)

Listen.....can you hear that? I know I can't hear it either isn't it beautiful? It is silence.

Yes, I love them but I needed all the cups to be in the cupboard, not on the counter or in the TV room. You do the math on 7 kids getting drinks all day....and an obsessive mom who cannot stand for the cups to be sitting on the counter. Yeah, I know I should buy some paper cups at the Wal Mart...thanks for mentioning it.

I also needed the Wii turned off. Every Christmas break they rediscover the electronic devices in the house. Madeline who never plays the Wii decided this Christmas break was all about everyone else watching her play Legend of Zelda. Thankfully, everyone was strangely okay with sitting around watching her.

I also needed Joe to stop chasing the little girls. They claim they like it. But we all know that that "liking it" thing does not last long.

During break Zach came home from BYU. He arrived a day later than planned due to bad weather and learned about the joys of spending the night in Cincinnati airport. He and I spent a lot of the break dealing with a pretty intense eye infection he acquired from his contacts. Just in case any optometrists are reading this blog let me casually mention that when you put someones kids in contacts you maybe should find out if that particular mom wears contacts herself because if she doesn't she probably does not know how to tell her kids how to take care of them, and how often to wear them, change them and such. She may even just think they are just amazing magic little discs :) So to make a long story short Zach is the proud owner of 2 pairs of glasses, and a $60.00 bottle of eye drops and he will not be wearing his contacts again for awhile. Can you say "bad mom?"

We also wrapped up the rest of his mission paperwork, got copies of physicals, and other exciting things like getting a TB test ( if you are ever stuck over a Christmas holiday needing a TB test that has to administered one day and then read 2 days later in between holidays when offices are closed call me I know all about how to get it done :)

He finished this semester with straight A's and one A minus. Do I dare tell him my BYU grades?

Over the break another paper route came available right next to our house so I took it. The three teenage girls and I fought about it and for the moment it is Miriam's route. She has 30 papers and will make $18.00 a week. Joe makes only $20.00 a week but they all know he buys whatever he wants and has a bank account with over $300 dollars in it so no on laughed at $18.00 a week. Plus the "circulation lady" at the newspaper informed Miriam that this route she is taking is the best tipping route in the town so she has grand visions of being filthy rich. It is funny how in the beginning they all laughed at Joe's small amount of money that he made but how they have realized that every little bit adds up.

For lots of reasons, that I do not want to burden you all with, I do not have my job at Lost Acres anymore so I am gearing up for the job search process again and spending a lot of time reassuring myself that it will all be okay, and consoling myself with that line that we always console ourselves with that everything happens for a reason :) ( I really know it does but I am in the middle of it right now not yet to the "looking back" at it part)

So I have wasted the morning cleaning out my inbox, drafts and junk mail, catching up on blogs and blogging so I must go exercise and clean in my oh so quiet house.


Camie said...

Hi Jen!
I think you captured perfectly what all of us are feeling as we recuperate from Christmas break! Thanks for writing!

Also random--I am very prone to eye infections also and after having one every 5 years or so I finally realized it happens when I change contact solutions. So that might be something to look into for Zach--I have to stick with Renu or I get a beautiful infection and treat myself with steroids and wear glasses for 6 weeks or so!

Kristy said...

Enjoy the quiet while it lasts! I should have called you back before your kids got home, huh?

I like disposable lenses. And I also only use Renu, like Camie.

I'm kind of glad you won't be working so we can chat more, via phone or possibly even Facebook!

Anne Marie said...

Very impressed by Zak's grades. Yeah, much better than my sophomore year's grades at BYU. Good luck with the job search. Hope you find something that you like. I think it's great that your kids have paper routes.