Feb 1, 2009

Admit it You Have Always Wondered.

Admit it you have always wondered about chia pets. Does anyone really buy them? I always thought Chia pets were just something you joke around about but never, ever, ever own. Why would someone own a Chia pet? Why would someone give a Chia pet as a gift? Are there really people who ask for Chia pets? What about people who NEED a Chia pet?

Frankly it is my own fault that I can even blog about a Chia pet and let me tell you the whole story from the gosh darn beginning.

As you know the Baird children have a cat. One, very annoying, living in our house, eating our toilet paper, stealing our ponytails, cat named Kittromney. As most mothers do I have ended up being the one to feed Kittromney and change Kittromney's litter. Not one person in the house lifts a finger to take care of Kittromney. So naturally when the children and husband started talking about a dog I knew what the answer was and trust me I will never change that answer. So to help the children feel better about the lack of a dog the husband thought it would be funny to buy them a Chia pet for Christmas.

We ended up with a Chia Shrek. Some company in San Fransisco makes the Chia Pets which are defined as, "traditional Mexican animal shaped clay figures covered with chia." The first chia was a Ram in 1982. In the 80's Chia's were very popular. As they have declined in popularity the Chia's have been relegated to fad status. Even I, who did not have a television when I was growing up, knows the ch-ch-ch chia song sung in the Chia commercials. Did you know the name Chia comes from the plant that grows in it? And, in case you did not know, the chia plant is supposed to resemble fur. :) My children discovered a Chia Thug, a Chia Britney Spears, a chia Mr T and oh so many more.

The Chia Shrek is the most unattractive thing I have ever seen in my life. The family "planted" it on one of my plates. They wanted to put it on top of our fireplace so all could see it. And for the record I fought it all with all my might. No, I do not know why.....I just felt onery.

Finally yesterday Brian let Joseph destroy the Chia Shrek and not a moment too soon. People on Facebook had organized a shower for our Chia. Someone named it Chet Pia. Brian would write about how mean I was to our Chia. And people would beg me to love our Chia. I finally got involved in our Chia's life and "kidnapped" Chia while Brian was in Colorado and posted pictures of Chia Shrek at knife and gun point and listed my demands....none of which were ever met. :)
I read a nasty rumor that Chia pets are coming back into poularity. Zach knew a kid at BYU that got one for Christmas and we have heard other rumors of people actually spending money to own one. before you know it leg warmers will be back and side ponytails :)

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Jocelyn said...

hat to tell you but leg warmers are back! {they're jus starting them with the youngest kiddos Babies... hence "baby Legs" I once over heard someone say what a great creation there were. meanwhile I just thought "invention, it's just leg warmers for babies" but hey I love my leg warmers, but then again I'm a child of the 80's! :) {GRIN}