Feb 25, 2009

All The Stars Have Lined Up Perfectly.

dust bunnies on the stairs........check
kids jobs half done..........check
very cold, can not get warm.......check
husband out of town for a week...............check
carrots, marshmallows and graham crackers put in the lunchboxes......check
children begging to stay home..............check
my hair not combed........check
my bed keeps calling my name.......check
juicy, painful in the chest cough.......check
no Kleenex........check
Dunkin Donuts for dinner last night........check
runny nose........check
kids noises that I can usually tolerate and even embrace causing me to ground people for unreasonable amounts of time.....check
completely out of Joe's special waffles and bread that I have to drive 30 minutes away to get.....check

Yep, there is no doubt about it, everything is falling apart, I am sick.

It all started last Sunday when I was sitting in church and could not get warm and I kept wondering what was wrong with me. Honestly, I rarely get sick. So rarely that I confess I am not overly compassionate towards any one who does get sick. But by the time New Beginnings, held after church, was over and it was time to drive home I was not sure if I could make it 25 minutes home. When I got home I piled on layers and layers of clothes. My kids and Brian were very attentive because I honestly never am sick and never want attention when I am sick. They offered their electric blankets, their pillows, got me drinks of water, and made me peanut butter and jam sandwiches. I went straight to the basement and laid on the floor from 3pm to midnight.....(she sheepishly admits).....watching the Academy Awards. They watched over me waking me up at important parts in the awards.

Did I already tell you that I NEVER get sick? I wonder if that is true? I started thinking aobut it and actually I have been sick three times since starting this blog a year ago...that is way too much...maybe I am always sick?

I am not sure why but we are not a medicine kind of family. I worry about this fact. I have a huge bottle of ibuprofen from Costco that we have had for a gazillion years and I know there is some expired Triaminic somewhere. Medicine is always the last thing I think of when someone is sick. I would reckon that you should never say my name and Florence Nightengale's in the same sentence. I am such a bad mom we do not even own a thermometer. It is not for righteous reasons that we do not have any medicine, thermometers, heating pads, or bandaids in the house. I just really do not know why. I LOVE and beg with all my might for epidurals and have had 7 of them. So I am clearly not opposed to making things easier. And speaking of making things easier why am I not one of those mom's who has kleenex on hand? Good mom's buy Puffs and have one in every room in a box that color coordinates with her decor in that room. I do not even have one box. But I guess that is what TP is for....or sleeves. :)

Anyway, I thought I was better and ran/walked three miles yesterday morning. And did all my "normal" stuff but it was clear by last evening that my plan was not my bodies plan......drat. So I wonder what kind of medicine does a girl:

who has to fly to Utah in exactly a week to get her missionary ready,
who has to drive to Amherst to get Joe's food
who has to get normal food
who has to take kids on paper routes
who has to return library DVD's
who should probably not feed her kids donuts two nights in a row :)
and who has to plan a Seminary lesson

take for a sore throat, fever, barking cough and to loose a little weight? :)


CJ said...

Awww you poor thing!
Dayquil always helped me during the day if I had to get stuff done and couldn't just stay home and sleep. Then Nyquil at night so you can sleep and not cough. I have found that the generic stuff from Walgreen's and the grocery store worked as well as the name brand too.

I was sick almost constantly in KS and it got a lot worse after I was in a car accident a few years ago I was seriously sick so much that my hubby thought it was normal for me to be sick. So far in MA I have only had the tummy flu and a few days where I felt like I might get a cold but I didn't (Knock on wood!)

Mama Parker said...

Hope you feel better! I don't have any Kleenex in the house either...it's toilet paper for us - red, raw noses and all! I am also not a medicine kind of person and I don't get sick very often and admit that I have little sympathy for my husband when he is sick and "dying" and questioning whether he needs to go the hospital because it's THAT bad. :)

Mom's don't get sick days!

CJ said...

I think all men are babies when they are sick... Bring me this, Bring me that, can you bring me a drink please, what's for lunch? no I don't want chicken soup, I want a hamburger and chicken nuggets.. meanwhile I am sick too and it is 40 degrees and raining and I would end up going to get him McDonalds so he would stop whining like it was the end of the world.

I normally keep medicine on hand and with having a hubby who has gout and having arthritis myself I keep our pain medicines refilled because I hate doing to the pharmacy when I am in pain. I have a medicine basket with the cold medicine, cough drops, throat spray, vicks nose stick, the vapor rub creme and I normally have 5-6 boxes of kleenex too. Then when hubby is sick I can just take him the basket, a big cup of ice and a pitcher of crystal light or a jug of juice and he will leave me alone until he gets hungry.

The worst part is when I am not sick yet and trying to stay away from him and he is snuggly and wants to snuggle and breathe on me.... So I go let him snuggle up like a little kid would and then he keeps talking to me and looking up at me and when he is talking I can just imagine germs pouring out of his mouth. It is hard to baby someone like a 2 year old when they are 6'5" tall....

Melissa said...

Sorry you are sick! I hate getting sick! I'm always
annoyed that I can't curl up and stay in bed when I'm sick because no seems to be able to function without me. Sure it's nice to be needed but do they need to eat when I'm sick?

Kristy said...

Oh, poor Jenn! It is definitely going around. I feel your pain, but you'll be better soon. Or should I say ... you'd better be better soon, since you'd better be here next week! I'm so darn excited to see you.

The Motherboard said...

I wish we could press a PAUSE button when the mommies get sick.

I feel your pain. That was me the entire month of February.

Word Ver: deddlyst. Yes. Being sick is the deddlyst thing for a mother.