Feb 20, 2009

Do You Have Your Designer Gown Ready?

It's here....the superficial event of the year. The event that little superficial me loves, loves, loves. The one I watch from the beginning of Barbara Walters special clear to the closing credits, the one that my husband dreads because I get to sit in front of the TV for hours instead of him. So on this Sunday the 22nd from 6:00 pm on don't call because I will be watching the 81st Annual Academy Awards. I am not addicted to watching them because there have been years that I have not watched and been okay but I do feel a strange superficial emptiness when I do not get to watch them. :)

I wonder how many of us would admit to hoping that we would be famous when we grew up? I confess to being one of those who dreamed of fame. As soon as I discovered I could hold my hands over my ears and hear my own voice really well I would sit on the floor by our record player singing my guts out to Barbara, Barry, John, Abba, Olivia and Neil. When I got my first solo in a choir concert in middle school I was sure I was on my way and was determined that I would be the first one to wear a Gunne Sax dress to the Academy Awards. ( that was before I knew the awards were only for acting and not singing.) Unfortunately I turned out to not be one of those people who are driven to their goal no matter what. I played the piano for the jazz choir in high school, had a couple more solos in high school and church and sang whenever I could but for some strange reason I never pursued the singing past high school. I wish I would have.

So now I live the life I should have had, vicariously, through my People magazine fixes at the Dr office, library, and checkout line and through my viewing of the Academy Awards.

I watched them the year that that one Italian guy climbed on the back of the chairs to get up to the stage. I watched the year that that other guy did the one handed push ups. I watched the one year that the guy who wrote and had originally performed a song did not get to perform his song because it would not bring in as many viewers as someone else doing his song would.

I find that more and more the movies that are nominated are rated R and I have not seen them, and never will. I find that more and more I wonder if it is all politics as everything else in the world is. I do not agree with hardly any of the actors and actresses views but for some reason I still get sucked into watching it. Even though I wish they would all get married before they had kids, stay married, age like normal people, share their money, and stop being so liberal I still can not help watching them walk down the red carpet.

This year my one wish is that Kate Winslet wins. She has been nominated 6 times and has never won an award. She says she is an expert at making a good "loser" face. :) I will NOT be sad if Brad and Angelina do not win. And other than that I do not have any opinions. I find it interesting that the most watched years were years that the movies nominated were movies we had all actually seen like, Titanic and Lord of The Rings. I wonder why they keep wondering about their low viewer numbers when they have this information?

So I must go and finish my Seminary lesson and have quality time with my kids so I can justify 6 hours of watching people I do not even respect get awards. :)


Kristy said...

I am also really looking forward to the Oscars. Still need to see "Slumdog Millionaire," though. Is that rated R? If you combine my R-rated viewing habits with my liberal views, will you still be my friend?

JENNIFER said...

Always :)

Anne Marie said...

Oh, I love Kate Winslet. I do hope she wins this time. My favorite roles she's played...Marianne in Sense and Sensibility and Ophelia in Hamlet. She's an incredible actress.

Melissa said...

Agreed about Brad and Angie- yuck.