Feb 3, 2009

Eternal Questions.

Why do we worry about what other people are doing? My kids are always worrying about what the other one is doing. They are incessantly reporting to me what is happening and I ALWAYS tell them that life will be so much happier for them if they only worry what they are doing because they can change only themselves not anyone else. I am so proud of myself for learning this about five years ago. :)

This morning when I was combing Tatiana's hair for school and listening to her long list of complaints about what Natalie was doing with her morning I found myself saying for the umpteenth time that she should only worry about herself and not Natalie......blah, blah, blah. Then all of a sudden after YEARS of saying this line to my kids in sweet, ignorant bliss I suddenly found my world turned upside down with one thought, do I only worry about myself? Do I let everyone else take care of themselves?

Drat, I hate it when that happens. When you talk the talk and do not walk the walk. That age old mystery of why is it so much easier to see what everyone else is doing wrong AND that startling realization that you are not as perfect as you thought you were :)

Why is so and so doing it that way? I am worried about them doing it that way. I think it may be the wrong way. Maybe I can help them do it better if I tell them.

Why does so and so get to break the rules and get away with it and I don't? I am going to tell someone...actually not just someone but basically anyone and everyone that will listen..... that they are breaking the rules so they do not get away with it.

Is it not weird to think that we do the very things we tell our kids not to do we just do them in a in a more sophisticated and subtle way. Thinking that we are smarter. Trying to act more grown up.

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