Feb 11, 2009

A Few Tips......Just In Case :)

Just in case you have given birth to a boy or a girl. Just in case you also happen to be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Just in case you are planning on encouraging him, or her, to go on a mission for the church let me mention a few things that may make your life easier when the time comes.

If you ever plan on moving.
If you ever plan on changing where you get your immunizations.
If you do not own a filing cabinet.
If you do not use your filing cabinet.
If your filing cabinet is sometimes, just for fun, a box in the closet.
If you could not wake up in the dead of night during a hurricane and walk straight to your child's immunization record.

You may want to consider getting those little old dates tattooed on their arm....just so they are handy.

Also, in reference to the immunizations, do not worry about memorizing your insurance company's phone number because since your child will be going to college in Utah and your Massachusetts insurance strangely considers Utah "out of network" you will have to call them a lot. So much you may consider sending THEM a Christmas card.....just for fun.

Every year on their birthday, just for fun, go to the passport office and pick yourself up one of those adorable passport forms and practice filling it out. Then for an extra special treat go and find a place to get the passport pictures taken that is cheap and do a trial run. But before you do check the requirements for the Visa pictures because it just may require some additional and different shots from the passport. After all it is the government we are talking about and I can't imagine them telling you info up front and trying to make it easy for you....I am just saying :)

Drivers license:
Now this really happened. So follow the details closely and make sure you remember what to do when this very same thing happens to you.

Once upon a time when Zach was 16 he got his drivers license in Indiana. Then when he was 17 he went to BYU for college. Then when he came back from BYU for the summer we had moved to Massachusetts. Then while he was at BYU in 2009 he got his mission call and he realized his Indiana drivers license expired in 2010 when he would be on his mission, thus requiring him to get a license that would never expire during his 2 years in Estonia. To add to the complexity of the issue Zach was not coming back to Massachusetts before he left on his mission. So where should Zach get his drivers license and how?

Well let me tell you, after calling Indiana, Massachusetts and Utah and talking to enough Department of Motor Vehicle employees to form a consensus the decision is he needs a Utah drivers license. So how ironic is it that he has to walk, quite a ways from campus, to get a drivers license in Utah ? :) But at least it is only $25.00 in Utah whereas in Massachusetts the same process is $90.00.

Once or twice a month choose a quiet place in your home, where you can concentrate and sit down and practice writing checks with lots and lots of zero's so that when you write them they are in your best "churchy" handwriting ever. Make sure the "0's" are perfectly round and not oval....nothing but the best for the Lord :) Oh and if you are inclined that missionary savings account is probably a really good idea. I had no idea $10,000 dollars was so much money :) Another good idea would be to store away sleep so that when you are losing sleep over how to pay for your child's mission you will be okay because you have some sleep stored up....just like the money you should have had stored up :)

Birth Certificate.
It works best if the birth certificate is with the person who needs it to apply for the passport not the person who is two time zones away and just earned the certificate by birthing the child.

So that about sums up what I have been doing since we got Zach's mission call last Thursday. When I am not blogging I am on the phone helping my child who is two time zones away get ready for a two year mission. Good Times :)

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CJ said...

I feel for you... we just had to pay $60 to get Jason's birth certificate from his home state so he could get a passport for work. Luckily for his state you could do it totally online with a company called Vital Check and they sent it UPS next day air. It was scary because they said it could take up to 2 weeks but we got it Friday and ordered it Wednesday.

Mine was from another state and required me to go get a form notarized and fax it in with my online request. I almost messed up because I needed my marriage certificate too to prove who I was along with my birth cert to get a passport. And of course it all has to be the certified copies and not just a photo copy or a fax copy or an unofficial copy.

Would his childhood school have shot records still??