Feb 6, 2009

I Have No One To Blame But Myself.

Today is one of those days, the kind that keep waking you up the night before because you are trying to figure out how it will all work. Because everything has to work out perfectly. Here are all the cold hard facts.

Joe has a dentist appointment at 11:20 am. I debated about canceling this but since the poor child's mother has not had her People magazine fix this month we are not canceling :)

We have to pick up our 60 papers from the newspaper at 12:00. Usually they bring them to our house but today I can not wait for them to bring them because I have to get the routes done long before they would be viciously thumped on my porch. Yes, they seriously do it just as I said, "viciously." And yes, you are right Joe is delivering papers long before school will even be out. Please feel free to judge me:) Employment before education is our motto.

At 12:30 I have to pick up Miriam and this is where you may want to stop reading if you are the perfect mother. What I am going to say may shock you :) Miriam has a dance tonight. She is honestly going to DIE if she does not have a dress for this dance. She has plenty of money now that she is doing the paper route and she thinks she needs to go to Kohl's. Yes, I am picking her up and taking her to Kohl's. She will miss study hall and who would not be bummed about that? In Massachusetts it is VERY common for the kids to have a study hall. I was always taught it was not a good thing but it is the norm here.... though it still bothers me :) Anyway, Miriam will have just enough time to dash into Kohl's and grab this dress off of the rack that I saw there yesterday and purchase it. I really do not even think she will have time to try it on :)

I have to be back from Kohl's and paper route's by 3:00 to pick up someones girls from school for them. Then I am going to drive those girls up the road a long ways to their house. I am ever so happy to do this. I actually really enjoy the ride up into the Berkshires. But it will make the day very interesting. But I think if I crank my Killer's CD I can force any thought of not keeping to my schedule out of my head :)

After that I have to grab Tatiana, Natalie, Miriam and Joe and head for the church where Miriam is meeting her ride to the dance, which is at least 2 hours away. And I am staying at the church and helping with food for the "man party" at the church :)

Sometime during the day I have to figure out how to purchase two $5.00 gifts for the "man party" gift exchange at the church. My instructions from the "men" are "something funny." Hmmm what would be funny to a room full of men? Dish cloths? Hot pads? Empty toilet paper tubes still on the holder? I am thinking I will purchase two Barbies and call it good :)

Now this all may seem trifle to you but remember I am....... dum, dah, dah, dum...... ( I worked a long time on figuring out the spelling of that intro so cut me a break :)........ "ON TIME GIRL." I do not know why but I get a stomach ache if I am late. I have always been this way. I was always the first one to stake dances when I was a kid. I know, who is first to a dance? ME.

Last night I was a little late to my Seminary Meeting at the stake center ( long story involving the words East and West registering in time to make the right decision :) and as I was driving along trying not to look at the clock and hating how anxious it feels to be late I found myself wondering how people who are always late can live with this feeling that lateness creates? I could not think kind thoughts about all the people who make mistakes on the road, because I did not have time to be benevolent to stupid people. I had to use all my usual peaceful, alone, thinking time thinking up excuses for the policeman that may catch me for speeding. I really hated it.

So now I have to post a less than perfect blog because I have to go fill my car with gas, change the laundry, do the dishes, do my hair and makeup and bill the children $100.00 apiece since they left their newspaper billing to me. Oh, do not worry about me I definitely get my cut for helping with these %*&#$ paper route's :)

And remember I get to read People magazine in the dentist today so do not feel so bad for me.


CJ said...

I am tired just from reading all of that. I think I will go take a nap in your honor, maybe I can send you some energy by osmosis and thought generated vibes.

CJ said...

Oh and for a funny gift maybe something like a roll of tp, can of air freshener and a reader's digest.

Melissa said...

I'm tired just reading about your day! Hope it goes smoothly! Post a picture of the dress! :)

Jenn said...

Does this mean I don't get to talk to you today!? LOL.

Camie said...

This sounds like the kind of day I would set up for myself--except you will probably pull it all off AND be on time, which I never am!

Brianne said...

Good luck on getting all that done! I also hate to be late, so I know how you feel.