Feb 12, 2009

Is The End In Sight?

It has been about eight weeks since we have seen the ground in New England the last two days have been 40 degrees which made Joe declare yesterday that he was going to wear shorts to school. And this morning Tatiana threw a very unusual tantrum. You can see her grumpy face in the picture. She was flopping around the house before she left for school all mad....yes, mad, at winter. She did not want to wear her coat. Two "warm" days and all heck breaks loose. Miriam wanted to do the paper route with the windows of the car down and Madeline complained that it was colder in the house than it was outside.

See the pile of snow in the picture below? Look carefully and see if you can see little branches poking out of the top of it? I am very worried about this particular pile of snow because under it is my Purple Sand Cherry tree that I searched and searched for last spring. And then, patiently, waited for it to go on clearance before I purchased it. Someone, who very lovingly, shoveled the driveway a gazillion times this winter thoughtfully buried my favorite $25.00 tree.

I love seeing a perfectly cleared driveway. And Mr Sun finally pulled it off for me. It must be sad when you are even excited to see the concrete under the snow, huh? And even sadder is taking a picture of it :)
This is the one magical spot of ground that we can now see. I must divulge that pretty much every yard in MA has this magical spot in their yard this time of year because it is the spot over the septic system. The first spot to melt :)

Next week is Winter Break in New England, an idea I am still getting used too. If I had money to go to someplace warm I could totally see the point of winter break. But at this point I am still contemplating the point of it all and what my attitude will be. :) The kids have been telling me it is supposed to snow next week and they are planning an epic snowball fight with all their friends....a gazillion kids tracking snow into my house sounds super fun. :)


CJ said...

That is how our yard looks too! And no I don't think it is sad just to be happy to see the driveway cleared off, because I feel the same way! We still have a 4 foot snow bank on the side of our driveway and yesterday was the first day I could walk down to the end of the driveway and not have to watch for ice. Everyone keeps telling us this is more snow then normal, well it has fallen more often then normal.... apparently. I had to try to clean up after the dogs in the backyard yesterday and I was slipping and falling through the snow and every step was a bone/joint jarring experience. I can't wait for spring!

Zac-ShaunaFamily said...

Okay, I will stop complaining about it being so cold here. This week has been in the forties and we can hardly stand it. I will wait to complain when it is 115 this summer.