Feb 12, 2009

Look What I Found.

You may have some questions and I definitely have a few answers.

Yes, we eat hot dogs at our house.

What kind? All beef....Ball Park franks. I tell you this because it makes me sound like I am a "responsible hot dog purchaser"...but deep inside we all know that it is not really possible to say "responsible" and "hot dog" in the same sentence but that does not stop me from trying.

Why so many? I have seven kids so I shop mostly at Costco....AKA "Large Packages R Us."

Why so many open at one time? YEAH!! My question exactly. Guess what Family Home Evening will be about this week?


CJ said...

Open a can or two of chili and serve chili dogs for dinner, or frito chili pie with hot dogs in it. I am hungry now, I miss sonic!

Kate said...

See this is what large family FHE's are all about - practical daily living that, if learned and practiced, will keep your mother from throttling you into the hereafter ... multiple packages of the same item open at one time, gobs of toothpaste on/in the bathroom sink, where does all our money go, sock and toy sorting parties. Ahh the memories!

Julie C said...

So were the kids the ones to put the open packages in the zip-locs? If so, well, that's not bad! :-)