Feb 27, 2009

Our Favorite Toy.

Our obsession began in Kansas. Our neighbors down the street had these toys that my kids kept coming home and talking about. Finally I made it down the street to the neighbors house to check out these toys and I immediately had to have them. And let me tell you it is a really good thing if you are a kid, you happen to love a certain toy, and your mom happens to also love that toy..... it is like winning the lottery. I mean honestly if your mom can't stop buying the toy that is a really good deal for you. :) We have the Playmobil airport, the zoo, the island, Fort Eagle, the modern house, the Victorian house, numerous castles, numerous pirate ships, the Roman arena, the A frame cabin, the tree house, sheriff's office, grocery store, 5 big boxes full of trees, furniture, people, animals, cars, boats. Lots of little drawers full of weapons, dishes, food, hats. And even more that I am just too embarrassed to tell you about.

We love Playmobil at our house. So much that my password for anything and everything has always been Playmobil....well until now that is. :) There are so many toys out there to spend your money on that I always felt like my money was well spent when I spent it on Playmobil. Their attention to detail is amazing. My kids love all the little teeny tiny pieces. Yes, I just used the words "love" and "teeny tiny pieces" all in the same sentence :)

Playmobil is a line of toys that is produced and headquartered in Germany. It began to be sold worldwide in 1975. It has been a successful toy line for 25 years and has been a major competitor to Lego. We love Lego's at our house too. Playmobil and Lego are actually the two toys we still invest in at the Baird house. ( Well okay...we have a few My Little Pony's, Barbies, and Littlest Pet Shop things...but not many)

Wikipedia says that,
"Within the limitations of the Playmobil toy world, the Playmobil toys are unusually realistic, and present accurate representations of arms, armor, costumes, and tools from a recognizable time period. Especially notable for a fine attention to detail are the modern construction and city life toys (cars, cranes, fire-engines, trains, boats, etc.). Playmobil toys are specifically aimed at children from the ages of six to twelve. The company believes that older children tend not to play with these types of toys and so it has resisted creating toys from other, less well-known, historical time periods. However, many adults own or collect Playmobil and make movies with the toys."

I used to spend way to much time searching every where for Playmobil "deals." Playmobil is mostly sold in specialty toy stores. Target carries a little bit of it and Wal Mart recently started carrying a little of it too. But I noticed they rarely carry the girl sets. And if you are someone just looking at Playmobil for the first time in one of those stores you would have no way of knowing what an amazing world of Playmobil is out there. The years of frenzied Playmobil purchasing are slowly fading at our house. It makes me a little sad.

The Playmobil has served us oh so well at this house. It has kept my kids busy for hours. My girls take it on babysitting jobs and it keeps other people's kids busy for hours. Whenever the kids have projects at school we always have a tee pee, or very realistic looking animal on hand for the project. It is all most kids want to play with when they come to our house.

There is nothing I love better than converting someone else to the joy of Playmobil. So if you love it when someone pays attention to details then you should definitely check out Playmobil.


Kristy said...

They look fantastic and I have always admired the Playmobil toys at your house. However, unlike you, I am not good at organizing teeny tiny pieces.

Melissa said...

I remember coming to your house in Kansas and being amazed at the organization of your Playmobil toys. If I recall right you had a whole bin dedicated only to weapons. Do you still keep everything so well organized?

CJ said...

Are you feeling better yet?