Feb 19, 2009


I love it when I know what I am going to blog about when I wake up in the morning. I love it when I can have half of the blog written in my head and it makes me smile. Today was not one of those days. I laid in bed thinking and thinking about what I could blog about. Nothing! I knew precious quiet time was wasting. Everyone was still asleep. No one would be interrupting me..."oh you silly old mind hurry and think of something to blog about."

I got up and wandered through the house. There was the laundry on the couch, I have previously written about that. There was the dishes on the counter, I have previously blogged about those.

It snowed here yesterday, there is thick, heavy, wet snow covering all the previously blogged about bare spots which is good because then when they are bare again I can blog about them again :)

I could blog about Madeline who broke the Smith College and Western Mass track record for 55 meter hurdles last weekend by running them in a 8.68 seconds.

I could blog about how absolutely boring the movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button was. I can not believe it is this years most nominated film for the Academy Awards. Thirteen nominations? What did I miss?

I could blog about the smoke detector at the top of the stairs that I am not tall enough to reach. And the reason I want to reach it is because it keeps beeping because it needs a new battery. It beeped all day yesterday and curiously stopped when Brian came home and then it started back up this morning.

I could blog about how we have done nothing this whole winter break.

I could tell you about the 13 boxes of clothes that I pulled out of the storage room and decided to sort through. I am going on the third day of a play room full of boxes and piles of clothes. I am trying to figure out the best way to organize it so that we actually remember that we have a box full of teenager jeans in size 14 when Tatiana gets to that size.

I even could possibly blog about how today is payday and about how I spent all day yesterday going through shelves, cupboards and freezers so that I could have the most perfect grocery list ever written.

I even remembered that I have not blogged about my parents going on a mission to the Polynesian Cultural Center in Hawaii. Where my dad will be their accountant for 18 months and they will get to wear mumus, Hawaiian shirts and sandals.


jcmcmt said...

How exciting for your parents! How exciting for Madeline! And I can't believe you didn't love Benjamin Button. I am sure you would have felt differently about it if you had seen it with me =)

CJ said...

I love organizing boxes and bins of stuff! Get out your camera and take a pic then print it out with a description of what is in the box. "Girls size 14 jeans", "Size M Sweaters" etc. then cut them out and tape them to the box or storage container and stack them with the label side facing forward.

Sarah Jones said...

Oh man - I really want to see Benjamin Button. Is it really boring or do you think we just have different taste in movies? Cause I did not like Mama Mia at all!

Melissa said...

In my old age I'm praying to serve a mission in Hawaii. Please. I also love to sort boxes!

Scribbit said...

Congrats to your parents!

And sometimes I'll start composing in my head as I'm going to sleep. And then I can't sleep. :)

Kristy said...

Okay, so I really liked Benjamin Button, and I don't think it was just the Brad Pitt factor. But I thought the Twilight movie was a real yawner. I think you should blog about all the fun things you and Kristy Merrill are going to do when you're in Utah next month!

When are we going to Hawaii to see the folks?

Topher said...

congratulations about your folks! One of my mission companions works there.

By the way, in regard to The Curious Case... Haven't seen it, but you (and for sure Brian) need to read this post from a blog I read. In fact, Brian will want to subscribe to it going forward.