Feb 17, 2009

This Is Very Nifty.

My very rich 13 year old who happened to have $130.00 in his wallet when we were in Costco the other day decided he could not live a moment longer without spending $126.00 of it on a portable DVD player. We have been talking about him owning one for a long time but all the stars had not yet aligned perfectly for it to happen. But yesterday everything fell into place perfectly and now I have no idea how we lived without a portable DVD player in our home, or car, for so long.

It has two sets of headphones that I love with all my heart and last night Joe and I plugged those "babies" in and sat on Amanda's bed and watched the entire third Indiana Jones. And I must say I do not think the crystal skull would have been near as mesmerizing on the non portable TV.

I am totally in love with the portable idea. It is the same reason I have longed for a laptop. It seems to me that you have arrived if you can work on your computer in your comfy cozy bed. And with the portable DVD player I am one step closer to my dream. Movies in bed is not half bad.

So as soon as they all go back to school next Monday I am sneaking into Joe's room and "borrowing" his portable DVD player and I am going to find the perfect movie to watch in bed and I am going to watch it. A girl has got to have a plan and I definitely have one :)


CJ said...

If your planning a road trip and want to keep all the kids busy you can find these headphone extension cords and adapters so you can plug in more then 2 sets, or they make little speakers for dvd players but then you have to listen to it also.

I have a laptop but I normally don't use it in bed or I would fall asleep. We have been really happy with our Dell's and on certain models they offer 0% interest for 18 months.

Kristy said...

Very nice! I do so love my laptop so very much. I got one with a big screen so I can watch movies, and it's mighty nice. I don't know how you survive van trips without it!