Mar 16, 2009

98 Other Requests.

Okay, I have been a member of Facebook for about three months now. I am really enjoying checking everyones status everyday and I love that I have reconnected with some people that I "always wondered where they were and how they were." I also love that if I need to get a message to someone I now have another way to reach them. But there is something I am struggling with....

REQUESTS!! 98 of them. I guess it is clear I have a problem. I take so long to figure things out that I have not taken the time to figure out what on earth it means if someone sends me a, "water balloon request" or a "what princesses are request." I guess you all already guessed that I have been ignoring them. Not actually committing and clicking the ignore button but just letting them sit there. So many applications, so little time. Maybe I should just collect them and see how many I can get? The problem with that is guilt. All these people have gone to the work to send me a request and I am "ignoring" them.

I have 17 kidnap requests. Last time I checked you usually do not ask somebody if they want to be just kidnap them and that is that. Now I understand this may show my ignorance I mean maybe all 17 of those people have already kidnapped me and it is a done deal. If that is the case they should all get together and coordinate their efforts. Also just FYI I have been told I am "high maintenance" so you should really rethink kidnapping me. I actually just checked and I have honestly and truly been kidnapped... to many amazing places like, Tokyo, Quito, and London to name just a few and not only that I have been kidnapped with the, "Olympic Toilet Flush", The "overstuffed suitcase," and the "creepy London Fog." If only I knew what it all meant and of course I am wondering if my kidnappers are enjoying my constant demands for salad with the luscious blue cheese dressing from The Market Street Grill in Salt Lake City?

I have 10 "cause invitation requests," how many do you have? Again, I am SO sorry but the only causes I can be involved in right now are the:

"fixing dinner cause,"
"losing weight cause,"
"making my bed everyday cause,"
"blogging every day no matter what cause,"
and the, "meeting the emotional needs of 7 children cause."

Is it wrong that I do not have time for the, "getting pedophiles banned from Facebook" cause? Or the, "Mormon's are Christian" cause?

And then there is the really painful requests. The ones that are causing me much mental anguish. I mean how could the girl who was voted, "most friendliest" in her Senior class be ignoring nice peoples requests to give me chocolate (fake Facebook chocolate but chocolate nonetheless), hugs, to be the nicest person...not just once but 4 times, I even ignored one sweetest person request. What is wrong with me?

I have some, "Dr Phil test requests" which I am afraid to take..the answers would probably give me way too much information about why I am ignoring all the Facebook requests.

I am even ignoring 3 "relative requests" so do not feel bad that I am ignoring you I am apparently ignoring family too. For no special reason. I actually just found out I had them.....not the relatives, the requests. :)


Brianne said...

Requests can definitely get out of hand. My dad alone sends me about 20 plants every day so I can save the rainforest. I think I'm leaning towards the "Igonore" button more everyday!

Kristy said...

I'll bet your Lil Green Patch is a mess!

Topher said...

i LOVE this post! You're not alone. I ignore (actually click the ignore button) all of those requests. Your dear husband alone has attempted to kidnap me several times. I don't even know what that means in the Facebook world. And, can you believe this, he's never ONCE kidnapped me to one of his riviting library meetings. I mean COME ON, MAN, who WOULDN'T want to escape the dull lives we live everyday in exchange for a chance to go with him to a library meeting?!