Mar 10, 2009

All About Flying.

Oh hello, my little Dell computer sitting in my bedroom, on the computer desk, that I stole from Zach, I missed you so. Yesterday was my first full day home from Utah and I could not even get within a mile of the computer because the kids had a day off of school. So I used my time wisely,I shopped and I cleaned so that today I could spend many guilt free hours on the computer today blogging, Facebooking and e-mailing.

So about that flying thing.... how could I possibly describe to you how much I love to have control? The only way I have figured out how to have control over the whole "out of anyones control" airport thing is to show up to the airport way too early. Everyone thinks I am crazy when they ask me when I am going to the airport and then they ask when I am leaving. After I tell them I can usually see them fighting the urge to ask me if I know how many hours that is. Yes, I do know that my flight is at 6 and yes, I do know I arrived at my seat in front of my gate at 3:20. But it was an ever so peaceful experience. :)

But then along came trouble, in the form of "mechanical difficulties." I had exactly an hour layover in Atlanta and due to those "mechanical difficulties" with my plane in Hartford I had to run like I was on steroids (but I am not :) to catch my plane in Atlanta. I arrived to the door of my flight to Salt Lake City at 9:31 was scheduled to leave at 9:35 pm, I could see the plane sitting there looking at me but according to the Delta folks I was too late. I had never had that happen to me before. It is the whole reason I do the "early to the airport thing." But this was one of those times where you just have no control over anything so you just have to let it go. They gave a whole bunch of us meal vouchers and hotel vouchers. I used the meal voucher at the one restaurant that was still open at 10:30 at night in a airport for a very cold piece of $4.00 pizza but I decided that my little personality would function best if I slept in the airport. I have slept over night in an airport before in the Midway/Chicago airport and Atlanta was definitely an upgrade. The cleaning people were not near as noisy, the lighting was not too bright, the seats move together to make a very cozy bed, and they let you sleep in the terminal by the gate. Whereas in Chicago they made me sleep down in baggage claim.

The last couple of times I have flown I have found myself thinking how I think my future will include me being a stewardess. I think I could handle showing people how to lift up the metal flap on the buckle and where the exits are and I could definitely hand out peanuts and drinks. But then someone mentioned to me how you may have to be tall and that you have to be calm if there is an incident...and I am definitely not tall and I would like to think that I could be calm but then I remembered the time I got my fingers stuck in the beaters of my hand mixer (don't ask) and I panicked and had to call Brian at work so he could remind me that I should try pressing the eject button for the beaters to solve my problem. How comfortable would you be with your stewardess calling her husband as you were "going down" to ask him what she should do?

I ended up traveling this time without any good reading material and trust me that will never happen again. I have never ever had that happen before. On my flights home I solved that situation by buying a $7.00 copy of Revolutionary Road. I have continually been tempted to see this movie so I finally decided that reading the book would be a good idea, it definitely kept my attention, but it made me realize that it was a really good thing that I did not see the movie. The ending of the book caught me quite by surprise and I had never any idea from the previews that this particular "yucky" ending was coming. So I am glad I again made the choice to "read" the rated "R" movie rather than see the rated R movie. :)

I think religiously watching the TV show Lost has made me rather silly. I found myself looking at all the people sitting and waiting with me for my flights and wondering which one would be Kate, which one would be Jack, which one would be Locke.....etc. Very entertaining.

It is so strange to chat with someone on the airplane and realize that you will never see them again in your life yet you know that they are in dental school and their boyfriend lives in Alabama and they go to dental school at UConn.

I have noticed that when I do travel that on at least one flight I always have the pleasure of sitting behind or in front of a "ME" guy. This is the guy who talks and talks and talks about himself, how much HE flies, all the important places HE flies, what an important guy HE is, did I mention HE talks about how often HE flies? If HE is so important why is HE not sitting in the first class cabin far far from ME? I never saw the face of the "ME" guy on my flight from Atlanta to Hartford but I know way too much about him, that he just flew to China, that he has flown pretty much everywhere on this planet and that he thinks the guy next to him wanted to know all about his successful life.

And somewhere right now someone is blogging about me, the girl they sat by on their flight, the girl who had to keep blowing her nose, who puts Carmex on every 2 minutes, the girl who read an entire 463 page book on the flight, the girl who seemed a little panicked about her hour layover in Atlanta and made little nervous comments about it hoping someone would want to chat with her about how it made her feel :)


Jenn said...

Now you've done it, I MUST know how in the world did you get your fingers stuck in beaters?! Inquiring minds need to know!
I hate flying and being anywhere near the "ME" people. No, I don't care about anything that has to do with whatever it is you are talking about "ME" peeps. If I don't have my own kids with me to keep my busy, then flying is all about ME, me reading, me sleeping, me doing whatever the heck I want in peace and quiet tucked away in my own little world!

CJ said...

You need to get yourself an ipod and load it up with music you like or nature sounds to drown out the loud people on the plane. :)

Roger said...

Fun post. I love flying, always have. I'm the guy you hate sitting next to you who sleeps the entire flight and wakes up well rested as the plane begins its decent.

As for getting to the airport early... forget about it! I have that disease... the one that makes me come 5 minutes late for everything. Yes it's me, it's never Nieca. =)