Mar 18, 2009

Dearest PTA.

Dear PTA,

Yes, I received your information about all the fundraisers the school is participating in. Be reassured that it has been coming in the backpacks and by e-mail... daily. I actually did very carefully read all one million of the papers and e-mails. And I thought very intently about if I needed sweet smelling, light giving candles or food for the family and sadly for you I decided it should be food for my family....not ever so nice sweet smelling light. I even went through my whole address book to see if I was right that I really did not know 20 people that I could send a postcard to begging them to purchase magazines through my kids school so that hopefully (fingers crossed) my kiddos could win a VERY needed Scooby Doo glow in the dark t-shirt.

You did a fantastic job of making my kids think that participation in these fundraisers was going to make or break their social lives. They both went to school in serious tears today realizing all the dreams and hopes they had for being the top seller and winning a trip to Florida for the family had been dashed by the only mean mom in the entire school. They are even a little worried that their class members will ostracize them for being the only ones to ruin the chances of the class winning a prize by not turning in the fundraiser forms.

I totally understand how much you need the money to do fun things and buy fun things for MY kids. Although I have noticed that neither of my kids have been on a field trip this year... but maybe that is because they have not participated in the fundraisers. :)

I know it may be hard to understand why on earth someone would knowingly have 7 kids when they know that supporting school fundraisers is such a huge part of their kids self esteem. I realize I really should have factored school fundraisers into the decision making process way back in 1988 when I decided I wanted to be a mom.

The good news is that I am probably raising 7 kids that will be completely obsessed about making sure their children never have to suffer embarrassment the way they did when they were kids. I imagine, after they finish therapy, they will be the kind of parents that will take their kids to every single door in every single neighborhood in town so that they can be the top seller. They will be the kind of parents that can not wait to get the fundraiser forms in the backpack. Maybe the whole family will sell the items together and then get ice cream for the whole school when it is over. So I guess in a twisted way I may be helping you out. :)

Most Sincerely,

the bad mom


CJ said...

I will buy a candle if you print that letter out and mail it to the PTA. :)

Melissa said...

Funny! I hate the overpriced wrapping paper and the $20 nut clusters. Luckily our school does one fundraiser and year- a fall carnival with games, food, blow-up toys. The kids love it and I am happy to support the school for a fun family night together.

Kristy said...

I love the overpriced wrapping paper. However ... I hate the giant assemblies they have when they take my kids out of class to get them all hyped up to win junk they wouldn't even choose if we were standing in front of it at the toy store.

Anne Marie said...

Oh, I love reading your blog. I have gotten to the point where my kids don't even ask me to buy anything from the fundraiser catalogs. Overpriced junk that we would never want! I'm lucky because our PTA here always sends out a note at fundraiser time, saying that you can always just send a check in to the PTA (so 100% of your money goes to them). Not that I've done that every time either:)

Kay said...

One year I decided to see how much a "free" public education cost. That was when I had children in elementary, jr. high, and high schools. I gave up at Christmas when I had spent at least two months worth of grocery money on fund raisers, field trips,class parties, etc. That didn't count school lunch, school supplies, and school fees. It really confuses children who come to my door selling things when I give them a donation and refuse to buy anything. "I don't think you can do that," they say.