Mar 25, 2009

Do You Have A Uniform?

I just realized the other day as I was waiting for my favorite outfit to come out of the dryer that I have a uniform. Every chance I get I wear my black Danskin sweats and a white long sleeve t-shirt and another shirt over the top. I just realized, as I was getting ready to describe the shirt that I wear over the top to you that I probably do not match so I am much too embarrassed to describe it to you. (But I am not too embarrassed to tell you I wear it everyday :) Anyhow, I love this outfit. It is so comfortable. I confess I wear it pretty much every day. I even saw a picture of myself wearing the shirt that I wear on the top and it was not particularly flattering but I am trying to push that picture into the back of my mind because in my mind I think I look great in this very comfy outfit :)

I realize more and more as I observe all the clothes in this house that we all have a few favorite things we wear regularly and everything else just hangs around taking up space. There are so many cute things in each closet that I always hope someone will wear but they never do. It really is all about being comfortable. I really should realize this and just get rid of everything else.

So I am off to get my "uniform" out of the dryer and head to Costco.


CJ said...

HAHAHA! You should get two of the same shirt and have a logo embroidered on the front. Then you can wear one while washing the other.

I tend to find something I like and then get it in 4 or 5 different colors. Pants bug me so even in the winter I hang around the house in cotton dresses, short sleeved and knee length for summer and long sleeves and floor length for winter, scoop neck, a-line cut. When I have to go somewhere I grab which ever pair of birkenstocks matches the dress.

Although... being in MA this winter.... did make me alter my outdoors wardrobe a bit and also I was wearing warmer things indoors too because I hate the price of oil heat out here and refused to turn the heat up past 66, which felt more like 45. In KS I left the house on 60 and was fine, would get hot sometimes lol.

Melissa said...

I do have favorite clothes- so do my kids. I'm often amused and confused at their choices. Janae's favorites are usually the "free" shirts she gets from activities such as track, 4-H and a free BYU t-shirt she got at a game. This makes me wonder why I buy her clothes at all!

Kristy said...

I like uniforms. I would love it if my kids' schools had them.