Mar 2, 2009

Every Single Time

Have you ever noticed that there are certain words you ALWAYS type incorrectly? Please, do not tell me if you are perfect and that never happens to you. I have several words (4 means several) that when I type them I never get the letters in the right order and these words are starting to really bother me. Here they all are in their uncorrected forms so that you can analyze them and get back to me:

form (from),
nto (not)

Maybe I should try writing without them? I never took a typing class in high school. I am definitely a "hunt and peck" kind of typist. I never look at the screen when I am typing I always look at my fingers. Which is why I really do not understand why those four words are always wrong...they should not be. All those myths floating around out there about piano players being good typists...definitely wrong. Piano and typing have nothing to do with each other.....other than needing your hand and fingers for both. :)


CJ said...

Probably your brain thinking faster then your fingers are moving. I have some of those words too, I try to make myself slow down and type the word correctly but it does not always help. I never took typing either but I have used chat programs with my Mom for the past 14 years, she could type 180wpm.. so I had to learn to pick up the pace in order to get a word in when chatting with her. It really helped my typing and I was able to get a good office job when I was 20.

You didn't mention if you were still sick or not, are you better or are you just ignoring it? (And I always thought Brian was the stubborn one) :)

The Motherboard said...

All the time... fi (if) si (is) and the rfist (first) two on your list...

I was worried I was developing old people's dyslexia. I'm glad you have it too.