Mar 30, 2009

March 28th....

So if you would love to be the one to prove me wrong do not forget last Saturday's date... March 28. It is the day I drove to the garden store and bought my onion and potato seed and planted them. No matter where you live everyone has a different idea about when you should first plant your garden in the spring. Because of my loving adorable personality I tend to plant early. Last year was my first year gardening in Massachusetts and everyone kept telling me to wait to plant, so I did. I waited until I thought I would DIE. Then I went to the garden store to buy my potato seed and onion seed and they had one, almost empty, bag of potato seed left and it was a variety I had never heard of and there were only a few onions left. They told me at the store that I was too late. This year I was determined not to be late. As in everything I do, I would much rather be early than late. So I decided that when the garden store actually had the potato and onion seed in the store ready to sell that that was the sign that it was time for me to plant. I figure garden stores know better than to push something like planting. Not like the big box stores that adore pushing things, right? :)

So Saturday was a gloriously beautiful day, 7 days after the first day of spring, and I headed straight for the garden store and walked as fast as I dared into the store to see if they had potato and onion seed and I was SO happy when I saw that they did. SIX DIFFERENT VARIETIES of potato seed and at least that many varieties of onions!!! The potato seed bags were all about half full. Which I of course decided meant that lots of people had already bought and planted.

I observed the employees for a few minutes and listened to them talk to other customers until I decided which one was the best one to ask questions and then I asked him if it was okay to plant my onions, potatoes, peas, lettuce, beets and cauliflower and then I held my breath while he answered because I really needed him to say yes so that I could convince my hubby to help me rototill the garden. And after I used my amazing Jedi mind trick on him :) he said that I could definitely plant any of those things right now because they all were "winter hardy." So at that moment all my plans to clean the house this weekend went out the window and we spent most of the day outside planting the garden instead.

The garden always involves some compromising which isn't my favorite thing to do :) But Brian thinks that if you were born in Idaho that automatically qualifies you to plant the potatoes. I do not have the time to "Google it" and possibly prove to him that actually more potatoes come from Maine than Idaho so I let "Idaho boy" plant the potatoes :)and after a lot of discussing we have 16 plants, each, of Red Norlands, Kennebecs and Russetts planted in three rows. We have a row of green onions, a row of purple onions and a row of yellow onions. And three rows of peas. The lettuce, beets and cauliflower have to wait since I ran out of time besides,I need to seriously "overthink" about where I want to put them.

I talked Brian into making the garden a little bit bigger this year. I have decided to step the gardening up to the next level this year and to expect a lot more from "Mr. Garden." Which actually means I am expecting more from myself. Here are the goals for the garden this year:

Try planting some new things. I have never planted cauliflower or green onions. So that goal has already been met. WHEW

Do not plant just to have to eat fresh plan to actually freeze/store some of it. I always can my tomatoes and store our potatoes but I have never bothered with anything else we just eat it all fresh. But this year I want to freeze the beans and peas, can the beets, grate up left over zucchini and freeze it, and cook, puree and freeze pumpkin.

Don't give up in July. I have not yet figured out what makes me give up in July. Strangely, in July and August I will forget to go out to the garden and pick things and I will let things waste. It is a very painful thing to confess and I am not sure why it happens but I am working really hard to make sure it does not happen this year.

Use my space wisely. I have still not figured out how to best use my space. I tend to err on the side of planting things too far from each other because I have this OCD need to have everything look perfect and straight. This year I want every inch of space to be used well and I am still working on my plan for that. Brian sort of challenged my plan with his need for the potatoes to be in a certain spot and in long rows. :)

I forgot that with every new thing you add to your schedule something else often has to fall by the wayside. So the house is a mess and no dinner was fixed on Saturday but I am ever so happy to be gardening again. :)


Rebecca S. said...

You must read Square Foot Gardening by Mel Bartholomew. Lots of great information about how to use your space wisely. Happy gardening.

Kristy said...

I can't believe it's time to plant already! It is still snowy here in Utah. Does that mean it's too early?