Mar 23, 2009

Some Things I Learned Over The Weekend.

If you take a post it note and run the sticky side between your keys on your computer keyboard it will pick up the annoying dust.

Going to the Bishop's storehouse, that is two hours away, to do service from 12:30 to 4:30 on a Saturday and listening to everyone who works there talk about the "times" we are in can highly motivate you to get yourself some number 10 cans with some necessities in them for yourself.

If you read the first chapter of a really good book right before a very busy weekend you will have to suffer all weekend because you will not be able to read it. ( I carried it with me everywhere though...just in case I could sneak a few pages.)

If you are gone all day Saturday your family will not do the laundry for you unless you ask them too. ( two couches FULL of laundry this morning and still three loads left :)

You can buy ribs without bones and they are very yummy. We were served them at our friends house and my kids can not stop talking about them. And I love that they are not as messy as the ribs with bones.

If Monday is going to be a half day of school all throughout the weekend all 6 of your children will make the plea that there is no point in going to school anyway so, "Could they just stay home?"

If you rent Bolt and Beverly Hill Chihuahua in the same weekend you can have some serious, high quality, quiet time.

Make absolute sure you are not giving up anything important when you decide to use 2 plus hours to watch the movie Australia.

Letting your 13 year old play air soft guns with his friends ALL day Saturday is a good way to create a very quiet, submissive child for Sunday.

The kids always "inhale" the first boxes of strawberries that you buy in the spring.

When the paper says, "lacrosse parent meeting from 8:45 pm to 9:30 pm" they are lying. They meant 8:45 pm to 9:00 pm...thank goodness.

Do not spend all week psyching the 6 year old up about her swim lesson and work very hard to plan your whole busy life around it because there is a really good chance the teacher will cancel the lesson and not call you to let you know.

Do not leave a cup of milk on the counter when you go to church Kitt-Romney (the cat) will always knock it on the floor just for the "sport" of it.

Always check the 13 year old's room when he says he did put his laundry away. He may have forgotten the definition of "away".

You can send the 18 year old in your car, all by herself to drive the 25 minutes to Amherst to pick up Joe's special waffles and bread and she will not get lost, pregnant or addicted to drugs along the way....YIPPPPEEEE.

You can not dwell all weekend on how Sun is going to get 30 years into the past to get Gin. And how you desperately want Sawyer to stay with Juliette.

Your kids will actually manage very nicely at home, alone, all day Saturday while you are gone giving service at the storehouse and your husband is climbing Mt. Washington in New Hampshire.

So how was your weekend?


CJ said...

Sounds like a busy weekend.
I would respond to your question of how was your weekend but I will just say click on my blog instead... just don't scroll down too far if you are eating.

Topher said...

Ok, I've always tried to be positive and nice when I leave blog comments, but come on, Jenn! Seriously? Sawyer and Juliette? NO NO NO! Juliette/Jack and Kate/Sawyer is the way it's supposed to be. They're so much better suited for each other that way. Unless there's something sinister about Juliette that I missed, she shouldn't be with "LaFleur". No way, no how.


another day in the life of... said...

i love the sticky note trick, going to try it, just afraid of how many post its it will take.