Mar 13, 2009

The Tour.

Okay, here is the deal. I spent all day yesterday painting my bedroom. And now I want to show you how amazing it looks and I can not for the life of me get a good picture of it so I think you all need to come on over to see it and ohhh and ahhh at way that my my good friends Kilz and Behr have transformed my room and I think even my very life. Yes, paint can do that and so much more for did I waste all those years with white walls not knowing that happiness was one or two perfect colors away? So since I can not get a good picture of the room I am going to tell you all about it in great detail so that you catch the vision and of course be jealous.

Let's start with describing the "before"..... hmmm let's just say......WHITE, yes, that is the perfect word, every wall, every baseboard, the molding around the two windows, the curtains, the ceiling, the paper in the books on the bookshelf, the paper in the printer.....all white :)

My bedspread is my very dearest possession and is definitely what I will grab if the house ever catches on fire. Every time I went to Kohl's for about 6 months I would always "check on" this particular bedspread. I looked at it so much that when Christmas time came around a couple years ago, and Brian happened to be in Kohl's shopping for me with the five year old, she could confidently take him straight to the Chaps bedding section and point out the bedspread "that mommy likes and always looks at." It has reds, browns and greens in it.

I guess I should also cover in the background information the exact location of the master bedroom in our house. I know when you hear this you will think you would never be so stupid as to buy a house with a master bedroom in this location but you have no idea what kind of houses we looked at before we saw this one. And you have no idea what kind of house we came from. So be kind when I tell you that you walk in my front door and my bedroom is EXACTLY to the left. I mean EXACTLY.(check out the picture on the left up there at the top ) The front door covers the doorway to my room when it is open all the way. You may not know it but there are some positives to this situation. I can keep very close tabs on the teenagers. What? You want more positives? I will get back to you with my entire list it is really oh SO long and boring. :) Suffice it to say that the master bedroom is seen by all and I need it to look nice. When company comes over they naturally end up in my room. Which I actually do not mind a bit. But you would think it would motivate me to make my bed more often. :)

So when you walk in my bedroom to your left is a wall with two windows on it. They face the front porch and the front yard so that I can see all my guests arriving ;) The wall that is straight ahead of you is just a plain old wall. On your right is the bed and beyond that a door to our walk in closet and a door to the master bathroom. And that pretty much covers it. I have a red rug from Ikea on the floor. I have a really nice bookshelf I managed to "acquire" from my parents many, many eons ago. And I have a small computer desk with an old chair sitting at it that is from the former Dean of the libraries at the University of Kansas' home.

I knew I had to paint the wall on the left, the one that had the windows with white trim around them and the white curtains on them, I guess anyone would know all that white needed a color :) It really was very easy for me to choose my color.....brown. The first time I walked in Natalie and Tatiana's dance teachers house in Indiana about 2 years ago and saw her brown, Pottery Barn inspired, walls I knew someday, someway I would have a few brown walls somewhere. When the time finally came choosing the perfect shade of brown was very tough. Anytime I had walked into a house with brown walls in the past two years I would always ask what the name of that brown was and I think I am the only person in the world who remembers the name of her paint because no one ever could remember their color. Or maybe people do not like to share that information? Maybe that is why there are all those shades of brown so no one can be the same? Hmmm I may have to blog about selfish secret keeping painters sometime in the future :) It is definitely a conspiracy I am not in on because I will tell you the name of the two brown walls in my bedroom is "chief." Now when I think of the word chief I think of the color red so it threw me off a little and now that I have "chief" on two of my walls in my bedroom I am darn sure they meant to name it "Hershey."(They probably chose the name before poor unsuspecting "chief" was born and decided it was such a hassle to change the announcements they had already printed.) It honestly is the color of a Hershey chocolate bar. I painted the other two walls in the room with that Ralph Lauren oatmeal color that I have used in other parts of the house. And I LOVE it. The brown looks so nice up against all my white molding and trim. And the reds look great with the browns and the oatmeal color.

Amanda claims my room looks like two kinds of pudding chocolate and vanilla. I do NOT adore that description adn I mumbled about it under my breath for quite awhile after she said it. And I asked all the other kids if this description was true and they all emphatically declared it was NOT like pudding.....poor Amanda...the only child willing to speak the truth. :) All two of my friends that have seen it absolutely loved it. And it was not the fake pretend love it was very real love. And I definitely can tell the difference so do not try to fake it when you see it :)

I will take some more picture now that the sun has moved and see if I can get a good picture that is not glaring. But if it does not work you should book your tickets to Massachusetts soon because I need you to see my room. :)


CJ said...

Yes please take pics!! :)
I love home improvements and decorating.

Kristy said...

1) I will come and visit you.
2) I am thrilled that you are painting in color.
3) I still want pictures.
4) Did you know that Pottery Barn will send you a swatch book with all the Benjamin Moore colors from their most recent collection?

Andy said...

Yea! I am so glad you did it. I will be home next week and I think I'm stopping by your house at about 11:00 pm to see it!

Tara Goldman said...

I love pudding. =]

Anne Marie said...

Brown and oatmeal sounds like a wonderful combination. I do want to see pictures when you get a chance to take some. I loved reading your post about the airplane trip. I think we've all met people like that man...completely self-absorbed.

Melissa said...

Ooo- I love brown. I'm sure it looks beautiful! I have gotten the Pottery Barn colors before- so pretty!