Mar 1, 2009

Usually This Does Not Happen.

Usually when I am sick I just ignore it and it goes away. This time that plan did not work. In case you report me to the "stupid" police let me defend myself...... I had to ignore it...... Brian was in Texas and Louisiana all week. Seminary still had to happen. Piano still had to happen. Fixing food still had to happen. Paper routes still had to happen. And I know it may be hard to believe but my children did not just hold hands, skip, sing, clean the house and take care of themselves. They.....gasp..... fought and made messes.

So when Brian finally got home midnight Friday night I let down just a little and when I woke up Saturday morning I knew something was definitely not going right. I had been sick for a week. I had plugged through my whole week with a constant fever. What? You do not think I should brag about that? :) But Saturday there was a new twist, my chest was so tight. My cough was so wicked. I had sick, ugly, very large fever blisters on my previously beautiful face. :) I was so weak. I even called the doctor but you see in Massachusetts you can not just show up at a doctor if you are sick the doctor has to have met you sometime before while you were well so that you could be referred too as an "established" patient and then when you are "established" the doctor will care that you are dying and he will not brush you off on the emergency room. So many rules that make no sense. So many rules that create emergency rooms where you wait for hours. Needless to say the cruel heartlessness of it made me cry for a good minute and even caused me to think for a moment if there was some way I could hurt the doctors practice....but nothing came to mind. :)

So I got up and drove kids around and while I was driving I sheepishly called my two sensible Indiana friends Joan and Allison to explain all my symptoms. I was starting to panic a little because I have to get on an airplane on Wednesday and fly to Utah and I need to be able to PLAY and I needed the cold sores to be gone....never mind the tight, painful chest thing. I just cared about the outward appearance :)

By the time I got home from running kids I knew my plans to shop for Zach's mission stuff and maybe a new shirt for me (for my trip) were not going to happen. I crawled into bed. Miriam and Joe crawled in with me and we watched, While You Were Sleeping, Dumb and Dumber, Dumb and Dumberer. And then Tatiana and Natalie crawled into bed with me and we watched Snow Buddies. I felt guilt. I knew there were things I should be doing. But honestly it was exactly what I should have done. I feel much better today. There is no food in the fridge but I feel better :)

The cold sores? Let me tell you about the magic teeny, teeny tiny $20.00 tube that I bought at CVS. It changed my life and gave me hope and I will definitely insist that a grandchild be named Abreva in honor of the awesome cold sore miracle medicine. You can put it on 5 times a day and believe me I am.


jcmcmt said...

Oh...I am so relieved to hear that you are feeling better. I hope you do more of the same today (in bed doing nothing, that is). Hope your trip to Utah is fun! -Joan

DeAnn said...

So glad that you made it through the week and are feeling a bit better. I hope you are feeling great by Wednesday. Enjoy Utah!
Perhaps you should convince Brian to teach seminary for you this week so you can sleep in and rest up ;)