Mar 19, 2009

When Did I Start Caring...Or Have I Always, Naturally, Cared?

I have been wondering for some time now when did I started noticing things, caring about things and realizing things? Surely I could not have been 5 and noticed that the fixtures in the bathroom were not perfectly shiny....or maybe I really have always been this "way"? I will cut the 13 year old boy some slack but shouldn't the 15, 18, and 14 year old girls in this house be doing some noticing, realizing and caring? Where have I gone wrong?

Like the sink in the bathroom at what age did I start realizing that while I was brushing my teeth I could run a wash cloth around the outside of the sink and over the fixtures and then when I was done brushing my teeth when did I realize I could run the water for a few seconds longer and wash out the sink?

When did I come to understand and care about closing the plastic bag that conveniently comes on the_________? (fill in the blank with your carbohydrate of choice)

Hair gathered on top of the drain in the shower? When on earth did I first notice you could grab it and throw it in the trash can and not suffer through a shower with ankle deep water?

What about loving your sister? When did I become good friends with my three sisters?

Chalk. When did I realize that if you leave it out in the rain it never works correctly again?

Trash cans....when did I learn that if the trash can is full I could empty it and then there would be room in it for more trash?

When did my conscience starting getting the best of me when dishes were left somewhere other than the kitchen?

When did I start carrying my own trash in from the car? (someone in this house may try to tell you I still do not do this but this someone is not very creditable. :)

When did I notice that brownie crumbs that I, personally, drop on the floor are happiest if I pick them up before someone steps on them and smooshes them flat into the hardwood floor?

When did I realize that if I left my favorite hairbrush out in the "open" that someone would inevitably use it and that I had no one to blame but myself?

So many questions. So many kids living in my house that do not ask them.


CJ said...

Maybe they are thinking, "Mommy will clean it up for me, so why should I bother?"

Question is how messy are you willing to let the house get before you can't stand it anymore and clean it all yourself anyway.

It is amazing how fast "things" can get picked up and put away when you grab a trash bag and go walking through the house on a rampage to throw anything and everything away that is out of place. Text Books... Computer parts... half full bags of chips, socks, shoes, coats, backpacks, hubby's wallet, keys, glasses.....

Not something I do often but it made a point and then suddenly someone started putting their stuff in it's designated baskets. The inside of the basket can be messy, it just has to all go in the basket. He still finds plenty of other ways to make a mess, but this did help a bit lol.

Jenn said...

This post just totally struck my funny bone! LOL! I wonder some of the same things.
Maybe you have your answer to a previous post about kids spending their own money. Let them buy whatever they want, even things you disapprove of, and then when they leave it on the floor, break house rules or something like that (and we all know that will happen at some point) then throw it away! That'll do it, both problems solved! Totally funny!!!

Kay said...

Had a bad day, Jennifer?

Kristy said...


Just sayin'. Just sayin' it to make myself feel better 'cause my house isn't as clean as yours, nor will it ever be. ;-)

Zach said...

I know that we don't always ask these important questions around the house, but lets face it, there are lots of other important questions to ask. Questions such as:

What's for dinner?
Why haven't my favorite pair of jeans been washed yet?
Why can't I have texting on my cell phone?

Lets face it, sometimes questions like these just crowd out your questions. I suppose we start asking your questions when we stop asking these questions. So when does that happen? I don't know.

Topher said...

I'm serious about this: you need to be writing for a parenting blog and making some $$. This stuff is brilliant!