Apr 20, 2009

Backing Off For A Week.

So here are all my reasons why you may not get a post everyday this week.......

#1. Spring break started today.....6 kids at home wanting the computer. Six kids at home wanting me to be in the car driving them places :)
#2. Brian is gone for ten days to Utah and Florida.
#3. Zach goes into the MTC on Wednesday......harder than I thought :)
#4. I suffered trauma from only getting 4 TOTAL comments in the whole week last week....yes, I sadly, care about comments and immediately connect them directly to my self worth :)
#5. I am in the middle of an amazing book called Deep Survival by Laurence Gonzales that I can not put down.
#6. I need to wash my hair :)
#7. The yard still needs a little bit more attention :)
#8. I may just watch DVD's all week :)


Anonymous said...

I'm a devoted reader. Sorry I never comment. I hope this helps with #4.:)

CJ said...

I read your blog every day!!
(On Sitemeter I show up as Unknown and the IP starts with 173.)
I comment a lot, but don't comment on every post. Sometimes I even look more then once a day. I like your blog :)

I even tried calling you on Friday but just got busy signals. I sent you an email a while back telling you how much I liked your blog and I have one of those friends requests sitting in your "99 Facebook Requests" you blogged about a couple weeks ago.

Since I couldn't get a hold of you on the phone I sent Brian and Kristy a msg on Facebook asking them what your favorite colors were. Because I wanted to make you a blog background and banner for your blog. Brian thought it might make the page load slower, but I can make you a banner for the top that is not too big and won't make the page load slower. I just wanted to know if you would want it and use it before I spent the time making it and if there was a certain color or theme or picture you wanted included in it.

I also told Brian that he should get FIOS (Verizon's Fiber internet and tv) and that it comes with a zillion channels, we get so many channels that one night Jason was watching transformers in spanish then changing back to english.

Camie said...

Hi Jen!
Good luck sending your boy to the MTC. This is a very big step--I'm sure it will be a wonderful and hard day for all of you!

Brianne said...

CJ...unfortunatly Verizon FIOS is not available out here yet : ( I work for Verizon...they think it will be out here in maybe 5 years!

Have fun on spring break! I had today off watching 2 kids and I was going nuts. You are a better woman them I am.

i like whispering too said...

Well, I'll help up your comment count AND reveal that I read your blog. I found you through the Warrens, and let me just say that I'm pretty sure Zach is still in Primary so he can't go on a mission.

Your family is great, and I enjoy your blog!

Jenn said...

When Brian and Bill are away the Jenns need to play!!!! We can lock all the kids outside and watch DVDs!!!!! Muaaahaha!

Kristy said...

I understand and accept all those as valid reasons for not blogging each and every day. However, #9: Kristy will go into Overthinking Everything withdrawals if you don't post every day. Please tell the kids they may use the computer when you are done. So there. From me.