Apr 6, 2009

Cheese and Jelly Beans?

Ahh to be a man, tomorrow is Brian's birthday. I can not possibly top what he did for me for my big 4-0- last year and I honestly feel bad about that. Well I could top what he did but it would involve an irresponsible moment, the credit card, and guilt. And none of these things sounds very interesting to me at this particular moment.

He has not been very helpful when I ask what he wants for his birthday all he claims he wants is some, "sharp Cracker Barrel cheese and a bag of Starburst jelly beans?" Let's just say that the differences between men and women continue to amaze me. So I keep trying to think of something I really want/need that I could buy for him that he would possibly want/need too. :) But that is not working out so well.

I think what will end up happening for his birthday is that he will end up getting :

A child on a mission in Estonia.
A child at BYU.
A dentist bill.
Food for our annual Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday.
A red dress....Amanda needs a red dress(pronto) to wear to a friends Quincenera.
Church shoes...Tatiana has none

Funny thing is he will not call all his buddies and complain about the way the birthday went "down". He will not cry and call his mother if I do not manage to get jelly beans and cheese for him. He will not bring up the fact that every year I do a very poor job of honoring his birthday. He will simply eat his requested dinner of Sour Cream Chili Bake ( recipe from the Berghout's), he will wash it down with the root beer he requested then he will grab the whole pan of Blonde Brownies that were also requested and head to the "man room" to watch Fox news. And as far as I know he will be happy.


CJ said...

Buy him a snow blower, it is manly and it is practical and can save his back from shoveling the snow. :)

Anonymous said...

I will be THRILLED with what you have planned!! Oh, and by the way, Man Room is capitalized. Let's show the proper respect!!

--The husband

Kristy said...

Sounds like a good plan! Please share recipes for chil bake and blonde brownies.

Camie said...

Jen--it's so wierd! My google reader hasn't picked up your posts for a few weeks now! So I just had an enjoyable few minutes catching up on all of your happenings! Good luck planning Brian's birthday--and I think it shows you found your perfect match--you really couldn't have two people together with 'impossible to fulfill' birthday expectations! Matt also has very low expectations and mine can almost never be satisfied, so it works out!

DeAnn said...

I want your recipes too! Tell Brian happy birthday...

Jenn said...

I'm sure if you use your imagination you could come up with a free thing or two to do for Brian's birthday. (wink, wink)....no specific suggestions....just saying! :D

Melissa said...

Yes- recipes. Men are hard to shop for but easy to please...why is that?

Anne Marie said...

Sounds like a perfect birthday for a hubby. Loved reading this post.