Apr 24, 2009

Kent Falls

A couple weeks ago when I imagined spring break I had imagined us merrily hiking every day. Mother nature and reality did not cooperate with with my vision and I had to settle for hiking on just Monday and Friday. Our Monday hike was just something close to our houses. It was the kind of thing where you hear about something and you know you would always wonder about it so you check it out just so you know what it is. It was fun, but not spectacular. And I do so enjoy spectacular :)So I went to the library on one of our rainy spring break days and got several books with titles like 50 Hikes in Massachusetts, Hikes and Walks In The Berkshire Hills, Fun With The Family in Connecticut, and of course Fun With The Family In Massachusetts. I did a lot of reading and found a ton of amazing hikes that I wanted to go check out....immediately. But for this hike I needed to remember we would have small kids with us. I had planned to go to Bash Bish Falls because I have been there before and I knew what to expect. But the minute I read about Kent Falls which are an hour and 20 minutes from my house. I was sold and we had to go there. And I was not disappointed.The minute you pull into the parking lot you see a waterfall. The last picture in this post is exactly what you see. And when you see that you know that this can't be anything but good. Our weather was perfect. We left a little later in the morning than I wanted to. But there was a small incident involving the car battery. And a little bit of waiting for friends that I had hoped to talk into joining my friend Jenn and I. But it ended up being just Jenn and her three kids, Tatiana, Natalie and I. Which is a bummer because the falls and the hike were so amazing I am now going to have to beg and nag until I get all my other friends and family to come and see them.
The hike up is definitely up.....straight up. But there is a railing and beautifully maintained steps and lots of lookout platforms for you to stop at and admire the falls along the way. There are several different waterfalls as you go up the mountain. Not just the one that you see from the parking lot. My favorite one is the picture on top of my blog. When we got to the top we found some calm pools of water for the kids to throw rocks on and wade in. Then when we headed down we headed down the other side of the falls. That side is just a trail through woods. But it was very pretty. And not as steep as the coming up side was.

When we arrived at the hike there were not many people there but as we were leaving the hike at about 2:00pm two school buses full of teenagers pulled up and I breathed a sigh of relief....in my head...of course :)

Oh, the hour and 20 minute drive? It was a beautiful drive through all sorts of interesting towns in Connecticut. The kids did fine. I mean if you throw in McDonalds to eat and stickers to play with can anything ever go wrong? :)

So, after all my reading I now have an amazing list of some not so easy hikes that I am going to have to con some poor unsuspecting friends into trying with me. The good part is that hiking is free...so hopefully that will help my cause :)


Kristy said...

Beautiful! I have also been dragging my kids hiking, but haven't seen anything as lovely as your waterfalls. Guess I need to do some research, too!

Jenn said...

Look at you, hiking and blogging all in one day! How'd you get this posted so fast almighty blogging Queen!!!!? I'm not worthy! I'm not worthy! Beautiful pics!

CJ said...

Pretty pics, Thanks for posting them. The weather was nice on the other side of MA today too. But the only hiking I did was up and down the stairs to the backyard to walk the dogs. We did have to put the top down and go for a ride though. :)

Anne Marie said...

The waterfalls look amazing. So glad you got out to see them. Laughing about the spring "..."s in your previous post.