Apr 13, 2009

Meandering Monday.

Flossing? Do you do it? Why is it that there are a lot of things in life that you hear about the importance of over, and over, and over and all of a sudden one day when you are 40 years old you "get it?" It is a painful thing to confess that I had been a "casual flosser" until last Thursday at 2:30 pm. Who knows how many dentists I have had? Who knows how many dentist assistants tried to save me from myself? For some reason I was sitting there in the dentist chair and I heard the words I had heard a thousand times and this time I believed. Why now? I do not know. The worst part is once you get a testimony of something, I mean a true, deep testimony you can not resist the urge to share with everyone. So beware, I may want to discuss how you feel about flossing next time we chat :)


My onions, and peas are finally up. Three of the five raspberry plants have little green growths on them. I am planning on borrowing some extremely heavy duty gloves this week and attacking the last remaining wilderness in the yard. It is a spot that is full of wild blackberry bushes that I decided I do not love. I want the space to put raspberry bushes instead. So that is my yard project this week.....fighting mother nature :)


I absolutely have to know if you hate Ben Linus. I have watched every episode of LOST from the beginning clear to last Wednesday's episode. I do not have the best memory. And I know I have at times hated Ben. But I feel like he may be misunderstood. I am having a hard time finding anyone that agrees with me, except the actual actor who plays Ben on the show.....check out this quote I found on Wikipedia;

"I have full sympathy [for Ben]. I believe he has a mission and an agenda that he hasn't shared with us yet. The survival of the earth may depend on Ben's work, so it justifies his ruthless behavior. Maybe I'm just fantasizing or deluding myself."
—Actor Michael Emerson, who plays Ben

As I spent the morning reading about Ben on the world wide web I realized that everyone agrees he plays one of the best villains on TV. One guy, named Dan Compora, even said that, "The more I hate Ben the more I realize that Michael Emerson is just a very fine actor doing his job." Michael Emerson does not even know what direction the character he plays is headed as he gets scripts at the very last minute and no back story.


Some unseen force is sucking me towards the movie theater to plunk down money to see Miley Cyrus' new Hannah Montana movie. I guess I could blame on it on having given birth to 5 girls if I tried really hard. But I confess I am curious if not for anything for the music. I have heard the music in the movie is really great. But never fear, I will wait until it comes out on DVD and pay my one buck at Redbox.

So that pretty much is what is on my mind on this sunny, but cold and windy, Monday in April.

Guess I should get a life, huh?


CJ said...

...... you have a life! lol

Now show us pics of the Easter egg hunt. :)

Anonymous said...

You know my thoughts on Ben.