Apr 8, 2009

Patience and Gardening.

Raise your hand if you ever have gotten a little tired of checking on your pea seeds that should be growing up out of the ground that you just decide to dig down and see how they are doing. I have had so many people doubting my madness in planting my cold weather crops SO early that I confess I too started to doubt. So today, I moseyed into the backyard and made sure no one with a telephoto lens was hiding in the woods waiting to document my doubt I pretended to pull some weeds and fiddled around and then... I just did it, I dug down with my finger until I found a pea seed and, what a relief, it looked perfectly happy. It had sprouted and had a long piece on it that was definitely looking for the light. :) I apologized out loud to it and told it I would see it when it was good and ready and covered it back up.

I am an impatient person and I am sure someone could come up with a great scripture analogy for people like me who dig up "the seed" to check on it. :)

My impatience got me into trouble when I did my painting in my house a couple weeks ago. You see, I pulled the "magic" blue tape off too soon, and need I say more? Hopefully, the poor little seed will not be as mad at me for disturbing it.... like the blue tape was.

I take comfort in the fact that I have identified my patience issue and now am working on practicing "the wait and see" approach. But all that said I am ever so relieved that Mr. Pea Seed was happy. I really should know better. It is a little funny, how strong you have to be to be able to withstand the doubting around you. :)

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Kristy said...

My problem, if I were to try gardening, is that I would forget I ever planted those seeds. Luckily, I'm sure you would call and remind me to check on them, 'cause you're a good friend that way.

(p.s. My word verification word was "POOZUCK.")