Apr 23, 2009

Spring Break ?

Peace, quiet, perhaps some sand, the sound of waves, meals that someone else made involving all the food groups, sunshine, happiness......is that not what you think of when you hear the word "break?" Yeah, me too. I hate to be the one to mention it but I think the word break is a little misleading. It holds promise but it never delivers. This is not the case for everyone. I mean a kid on Joe's lacrosse team is enjoying his break in Hawaii. I think money may have a small part in whether your break is really a break or not. We never go anywhere for break and that is perhaps why our break is not really a break. Ours should probably be called:

Spring "see our friends every waking minute"
Spring "see how long we can keep mom in the car",
Spring "dirty every cup in the house,"
OR (my personal favorite)
Spring "make messes you do not intend to clean up without some good weeping and wailing action."

But I will say we got a small hike in before it rained on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. I introduced Joe to Romancing The Stone and Star Trek Generations. I read an entire book about the tragedy of the whaling ship Essex on Wednesday. We ended up organizing my fabric on Wednesday night. And tomorrow the weather is supposed to be nice so we are going to climb to the most popular waterfall in Connecticut. So take that....people lounging in Hawaii without a care in the world. :)


Kristy said...

Your last paragraph makes it sound pretty darn nice! Looking forward to waterfall photos. :)

p.s. Was Zach on time?

CJ said...

I know what you mean about the not going on vacation part. I have issues paying a lot for vacations because I would much rather put that money to use on something for the house we would get more enjoyment out of then just one week's worth or so. Plus I don't like having to leave my dogs behind so it has to be a very good reason (like in 07 when we both had our 30th birthdays and our 10th wedding anniversary)to get me to agree to go spend a lot of money on a vacation.

Jason is taking vacation days this week for his Birthday and everyone he works with kept asking him where he was going... at his work it is just "expected" that you go off on some big adventure somewhere that involves a passport with your vacation time. He got a few strange looks when he said No, he just wanted to stay home, sleep in, relax and play video games.

Sure he would love to take me off to Paris or some island somewhere but I would not have fun and be stressing about money the whole time and worrying if the dogs were OK so that wouldn't be a very good vacation for him. So we are just doing fun things around here with no time limits and no stress.

Brianne said...

With 7 kids I don't think you will ever get a break again. As soon as they are gone the grandkids will start showing up. So just enjoy the ride...no matter how messy it may be!

Have fun on your hike tomorrow...it's going to be a hot one!

Marty C. said...

About Joe's teammate being in Hawaii - just wanted you to know that it has been raining all day here. It has rained all week, all month, and all winter. You are not missing anything - yet.