Apr 15, 2009

The Strangest Thing.

Since I have been miserably sick the last couple of days I have had a little more time on my hands than a mother of 7 usually has. I have been using this time very wisely...... I have been exploring Facebook. Since I have joined Facebook I have just not had the time to dedicate to stalking people like I have wanted too. :) And let me tell you I have truly learned what a small world it is.

There I am looking at a friend from high school's list of friends and I see on her list a guy named Tim that we knew in our ward in Indiana. Turns out she is related to him.

There I am on an old roommate from BYU's Facebook page and I see that she is friends with a good friend of mine from Kansas.

Then I get a message from another roommate from BYU wondering how I knew Amy Fackrell and it turns out she is Amy's older sister.

But I have a story that really tops all of those. In my ward in Kansas we had some good friends, The Heiner's. One day Shelley, the mom, was sorting through some of her hubby's old pictures and found a picture, taken at Hogle Zoo in Utah, of her hubby with an old girlfriend of his and in the background of the picture is my hubby, and I, and a stroller with Zach in it. It really made me think of all the people that end up in the background of my pictures. Will I meet them someday?

I really love reconnecting with people. Not a day goes by that something does not happen that will remind me of someone from my past.

Every time I do my canning in the summer I think of Kay since she thoughtfully gave me my canner.
Every time I see legwarmers I think of Warren because I wore them for the first time on a date with him to the Seattle Center.
Every time I see Bubble Yum gum I think about how when I was 15 or so I was at a birthday party for Ginger and I was embarrassed because I wanted to have a better present for her so I told her I had a whole bunch of packs of gum for her but they had gone, "moldy".....yeah, I know I can not lie well in a pinch :)
Every time I put on my red wool jacket I think of Kathryn since she gave it to me.
Every time I see a Vega (not often) I think of all 15 of the kids in my seminary class crammed into it heading to the high school.
Every time I get my hair colored I think of Shannon, who started me on my journey to becoming, "chemically dependant."
Every time I see forsythia I think of the walks Elyse and I used to take in Princeton.
I love when I call Laurie F. after all these years her hearty laugh immediately reminds me of SO much.
I love how when I have all the teenagers over for a party that I remember that I learned the importance of this from Laurie S.
I love that when I put mayonnaise and mustard in bowls to put on the table (never in their actual containers) I remember Cindy.
I love that I can tell the story about the moose kissing Brother Young's bum and always get a ton of laughs no matter where I live. :)

Well you know the list could go on and on as yours could too. Just remember that no matter what you do someone is remembering you for it.

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Anonymous said...

Whenever walk under an acorn tree I think of you.:)