Apr 17, 2009

Three Things On My Mind and A Picture.

I have been meaning to post this picture. Those of you on Facebook that are friends with my daughter have seen it but I do love it so I wanted to share it. The newspaper took this picture the night that she broke the record for the 55 m hurdles at Smith college track and the record for Western Massachusetts.

When you are in a parking lot do you park in the first spot you see or do you hunt for the perfect one? I park in the first one I see. It drives me crazy to drive around hunting for something that I may or may not find. I would rather spend my time getting into the store.

I have been diligent in figuring out my food storage lately and I figured out that for a family my size I need 400 lbs of flour for my years supply. 50 lbs of flour is $14.00 at Costco. So I am going to buy a bag every two weeks until I have my 400 lbs. So, you know how when you put the seats down in some mini vans you have to take the headrests off? And that when you take them off they have two very tempting long shiny "pokey" things hanging off the end that make you think you need to puncture something? Well my 6 year old OR 9 year old could not resist the "urge to puncture" and headrest met bag of 50 lb bag of flour. Very sad.


I was teasing my sister in law who I just converted to Facebook that when I went to find her, and "friend" her on Facebook that there were 6 other people on Facebook with her name. Well she mentioned to me the other day when we were talking that she checked out my name and there were 159 of me on Facebook. Oh drat, how could I absolutely know that there is a whole, huge world out there and still live in some fantasy world that my name and my birthday are just mine?


So I am off to face the yard work that I have been dying to get to all week. Brian is taking the older kids white water rafting tomorrow. Madeline and Amanda have a track meet. So Natalie, Tatiana and I are going to enjoy the peace and quiet.


Brianne said...

I also park in the first parking spot I see. It's definitely a waste of time to drive around looking for a "perfect" spot.

I am the one and only Brianne Sheaffer on Facebook...but not the only Brianne Owens. I enjoy typing names of people I know into facebook to see how many other people have the same name.

Jenn said...

I love that picture of Madeline!

I drive to look for a good parking spot. It really doesn't take that much time! I do have to say that every once in a while I enjoy hiking into the store when I am out with you! :) I mean that in the most loving way of course!!!

Gotta go now and see how many people on facebook have my name?!

Jenn said...

Just because you are dying to know......there are 7 others! Hee hee! I wonder is one is Bill's X? :D

Kristy said...

Love that picture of Maddilyn!

Jenn, you are listening to far too much NPR. I know you probably heard that author today who wrote and article about searching for the perfect parking spot. Right? I did.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter where I park, I just have to parked straight and within the lines.

CJ said...

I want the spot closest to the door because it always seems to be hot, cold, snowy, rainy or too humid to breathe outside. :)

another day in the life of... said...

i admit that i do look for a good spot, but only once, then i take what i can get. while pregnant i decided that there needed to be pregnant woman parking spots. what do you think?