Apr 10, 2009

The Tradition Restarts

I have no idea how I first got the idea but we were living in Kansas, it was April, and I decided to do an Easter Egg Hunt. Our house backed up to a park, a private neighborhood park that hardly anyone ever used. So I invited way too many people and we had breakfast and then hunted for eggs. I had no idea what I had started. Throughout the years it has ended up being dinner and an egg hunt rather than breakfast, sometimes it has had to be on Monday night after Easter, it happens no matter what the weather, and I always invite way too many people because I hate to leave anyone out. Last year we were still reeling from our move to Massachusetts so we did not have one. It was the first time in 9 years that we had not had one. And I was surprised how weird the holiday felt without it. The kids missed it. Then later in that year, in October, for my 40th birthday Brian asked people to write letters to me including what they remembered about me and I could not believe that the crazy, noisy, out of control Easter Egg hunt was what a lot of them remembered. So I decided to try it again this year. Brian says the yard is too small. Brian says I am crazy. Brian is not fond of the Eater egg hunt at all. But strangely people seem to like it.

So tomorrow at 5:30 pm 57 people are coming to my house. They all bring two things to add to the meal and we have sandwiches, chips and salads. We combine all the plastic eggs everyone has brought and divide the total number of eggs by the number of kids hunting for them. The dad's hide them in the yard and the kids find them. We have ice cream and then everyone goes home.

Food gets smooshed into my carpet. Kids make messes everywhere in my house. We have been known to have to replace trampoline tops after this event. But I still love it.

I am a little nervous this year. What if Massachusetts does not like the Baird's Easter egg hunt? I just recently learned that just because you have always done something somewhere it does not mean that it will be needed and loved no matter where you go. Since Massachusetts has taught me that lesson I fear in that process it has destroyed the small amount of entertaining confidence I had :)

So do I need to explain why I can not write you a hilarious thought provoking blog at the moment? My mind is on cleaning and buying. But hang in there because next Monday I will be able to focus on entertaining all 40 of my daily readers again. :)


Kristy said...

Your egg hunt will be great, as always! Wish I were there to join you. Are you going to take many, many pictures and post them on Monday? Please???

CJ said...

Pics Please!!! :)

Anne Marie said...

Oh, I loved the Easter egg hunt we attended at your house. It will be fabulous! Massachusetts is lucky to have you there to host one.