Apr 29, 2009

Two Conversations.

Last Sunday Madeline, Natalie and I were sitting in my room it was the end of spring break week and Natalie, excitedly, says;

"We get to go back to school tomorrow!"

Madeline (the Senior) said, "Can I drop out?"

I said, " Madeline, you have 25 days of high school left what happened to enduring to the end?"

She said, "Mom, like, NOBODY does that anymore."

I said, "Yeah, you may be right, but in our family we do."

Who does endure to the end anymore?


I occasionally get in the mood to expose the children to movies I watched in the 80's. Those movies are always cheap at the rental store. And it is always interesting to me to see what I did not retain from the first time I saw the movie a bazillion years ago. :) So last week I had one of those, "let's rent 80's movies moments" so I rented Romancing The Stone and a few Star Trek movies. I got dinner out of the way and then shouted to the children,

"Eighties party in the basement"

And Tatiana (the 9 year old) said, "Is that for people who haven't ate?" :)

I guess I need to educate the child born in 1996 on what the 80's were.

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Kristy said...

I loved Romancing the Stone! Can I come to your '80s party? :)