Apr 9, 2009

Would You Rather?

Last night at dinner the kids were being unkind to each other, as usual. And one of them called one mean and one called the other disgusting and that, my friends, began our dinner conversation for the evening. Would you rather be mean or disgusting? Madeline said she would rather be mean. Miriam said she would, "Rather be disgusting because you can fix disgusting" and she did not think you could fix being mean. Madeline said, "What if you weighed 400 lbs and were oozing pus?" Miriam said she would still choose disgusting over being mean.

Speaking of the question, "Would Your Rather," for Christmas Madeline got the actual game called "Would You Rather?" Yes, there is a game. It has the most interesting questions and not only that it has the most interesting directions. I mean if a game tells you this in it's directions are you not definitely curious?

"Although some of these questions may paint a challenging, perplexing, or unappealing picture. They are NOT to be taken literally (DON'T TRY ANY OF THEM)....take them with a "grain of salt." They are designed to make you think and engage in lively discussion. And remember that performing or reenacting many of these actions could injure, disfigure or even fatally harm you. Do not attempt any of this. It is for discussion purposes only."

OH....so if I read questions like this when I am playing the game, I should not try to re enact them?

"Would you rather be hit in the head very hard with a sock with a potato in it OR with a rubber hose?"

"Would you rather cut a 1/4 acre field of grass with your teeth OR lick up a 15 foot by 15 foot rain puddle?"

I will try to resist the urge to do either. :)

Actually the game is fascinating...do not get me started. The questions are very intriguing. I wonder who they locked in a little padded room for a 100 days to come up with some of these?

I mean,

"Would you rather look back at large amounts of money you've wasted OR look back at having had very little money at all?"

What about,

"Would you rather have a little man that lives in your mouth and incessantly hammers on your teeth with a pick OR coexist with a small bird that lives on your nose and yanks out your nose hairs at its discretion?"

Definitely some good conversation there, huh?


SwEaRiKa said...

Um... I LOVE THAT GAME! My favorite questions is "Would you rather be stoned to death by pickles or drown in a vat of mayonaise?" Both such enticing options...

Maddilyn said...

Actually I said if you were gross you would smell and weigh at least 400 pounds and ooze everywhere, among other things. It's WAY easier to be nice then to try and correct that mess!

Kristy said...

I think I'll have to get that game!