May 21, 2009

June 1. 2009

Okay, I think I have pulled myself together, while I have been frantically working in the yard, planting my garden, whipping children into shape, working on my daily Seminary lessons about the book of Revelations and such all I have been thinking about is how I can work blogging back into my life. So on June 1st I am going to start up again. But before I can do that here is my list of what I need to do:

#1. Get in the car but before driving the car make sure the camera with the full SD card is in the car with me. Drive 5 miles over the speed limit the whole way to Costco. Find the Costco card in my purse (might want to do that before leaving the house). Walk into the Costco and go straight for the photo lab, channeling all my will power to resist purchasing bulk quantities of things I do not need. Download the pictures from the SD card onto a disc so that I can take pictures for the blog :)

#2. Wash every window in the house inside and out. I have those amazing windows that fold
right out for easy washing so I have absolutely no reason not to have washed these windows.

#3. Choose a VERY LIGHT shade of pink to paint the little girls room. Any suggestions?

#4. Make job charts. Big, extensive, misery inducing job charts for the Baird children's "summer 'O' fun."

#5. Write all the thank you notes to all the people who gave me birthday presents in October 2008, all the people who helped and supported with getting Zach on the mission, my old seminary teacher from high school whose address I just located, I must thank her for putting up with my incessant talking. :)

#6. Teach Natalie and Tatiana to close their closet door to hide the clothes they have not put away.

#7. Read Hunger Games one more time. Such a good book :)

#8. Learn to operate the weed eater all by myself :)

#9. Not kill Joe. I promise I will never, ever sign that child up for a sport he has not begged to participate in for at least three years prior to me signing him up :)

So be thinking of me during the next 12 days while I am crossing off things on my countdown to blogging list.


Brianne said...

Good luck with your To Do List. I will look forward to your regular blogging again on June 1st!

CJ said...

Woooooo!!! Come back soon. :)

Kristy said...

What can I do to help? If I were there I would wash the windows and I would definitely go to Costco with you.

So glad you're back!

Anne Marie said...

Good luck with everything! Looking forward to you coming back.

Camie said...

I'll chime in to say that we painted Lydia's room pink recently and definitely turned out MORE PINK than we had planned. the color we used was "Rosily" from Sherwin-Williams. I am happy with it, and I think it's a good shade of pink, but I think you could use 50% of the color and it would be enough color! Good luck!

Melissa said...

I painted my girls room pink a few years ago and I love it! I choose the lightest shade I could find- it barely looked pink on the card but looks perfect in the room. Definately go lighter than you think you want. Good luck with your to do list!

My Many Coloured Days said...

Can I just say how excited I was to see a new post - even a to-do list is entertaining when written by YOU!

My dad created a Room-opoly that we played each week and somehow thought was fun, when we ended up with a "room" to be in charge of cleaning. I think I'm going to try that this summer - may work for you.