May 5, 2009

Waxing and Waning.

Waxing means growing larger and waning means growing smaller. For a good amount of time now the old business of writing on the blog every single day was definitely "waxing". But sadly and painfully right now it is "waning."

I am at war with my lawn...I fear we may have to convert to the 4-step program for the first time in our lives we have a lawn that is high maintenance.

I am giving a talk in church on Sunday on Motherhood and believe me if you hate to listen to the talks on Mother's Day just count your blessing you do not have to do all the research and give the talk that induces the guilt. :) Researching motherhood is enough to make anyone feel enough guilt to take a break and fix a few well balanced meals for the "fam." (well at least a main dish :)

The house cleaning had gotten away from me. That is all I can say about that or my impeccable reputation will be ruined.

Seminary will be over in about 20 days and Revelations is coming up and I need to be able to answer all those speculative questions about the seven seals and such.

So please do not give up on me. I will definitely be back. And believe me it is more painful for me than it is for you. :) So if you have been wondering how on earth I did "it" ALL, this little development should really make you feel good because I apparently can't do it all like we all previously thought I could :) Consider it my gift to you. :)

Oh wait don't go yet....I have almost 300 old posts on this here blog. I know it requires a little bit of extra work on your part but if I do say so myself there is some pretty good reading in there. So don't just leave because there is nothing new....enjoy the old :)


CJ said...

It seems like a lot of people have been busy and not blogging every day or even every week. I am sure everyone will be waiting for your return :)

As for the grass maybe it is something in the soil in MA??
Our lawn is not that great and the landlord is terrified of the dogs killing the grass... they never killed the grass in KS though. He wants the dogs to go in certain areas only and not in other places and they are always out in the yard doing some kind of yard work. All the neighbors are always out in their yards too and have people come help them as well. Even the 80 yr old guy was out there raking leaves almost every day.

Kristy said...

But I MISS you! I NEED your blog posts! Oh, wait. You mean you have other things to do? But what about MEEEEEEE?

Melissa said...

May is always crazy! Mother's day talks are stinky- you should give one that is freeing from the guilt...have you noticed that there are rarely "fatherhood" talks on father day? Why? Is it because Men don't like guilt- don't feel guilt? Are already perfect fathers? Good luck!

Anne Marie said...

Why are women asked to give talks on Mother's Day anyway? Our ward only had the youth and men speak yesterday, and I think that's how it should be. No woman should have her holiday ruined with the stress of preparing a talk. Good luck with everything you're up to! I do miss your blog posts, but I totally understand. Some months are better than others as far as blogging goes for all of us. I have definitely been in the "waning" cycle lately on my blog.