Jun 15, 2009

Bizarro Schmarro.

Ever since last summer when all the stars aligned perfectly and I ended up at an Amusement park with kids that were old enough to go on roller coasters I have been obsessing about roller coasters. You would never know it just to just look at me but inside my head I really am obsessing about roller coasters. I never made it back to Six Flags last summer to ride the roller coasters again and I was so sad about that. I really wanted to take my friends and their husbands with me. I can not experience something that makes me so happy and not want everyone else to also experience it.

This year Miriam is dating a really nice guy who is working at Six Flags and he was able to procure season passes for his friends for $45.00 apiece way, way, way back in March. A very sweet deal that Miriam and Joe immediately took advantage of. I wanted to take advantage of it too but decided it was a want not a need. Darn whoever came up with that, "want/need" thing anyway. But two passes in the family is better that none.

So Friday I took Joe and three of his friends and we headed to Six Flags after school and paper routes were finished. Miriam let me use one of her get "your cute, fun, nagging mom in free passes " and we were set. The forecast was rain but it only misted once. But if the forecast is ever for rain you should definitely head for Six Flags because everyone else thinks it is going to rain so they do not go. We were able to walk on every ride we wanted to go on. It was great. The minute we got into the park we headed straight for Bizarro. Bizarro used to be the Superman ride last year. I was a little confused as to why they changed the ride. They already had a good thing going why mess with it? But I was very curious. After the first ride I declared that I did not like it. But I really was not sure why. So Miriam and I went on a whole bunch of other roller coasters and a hour and a half later decided maybe we should give Bizarro one more chance.

It was a beautiful, clear evening with big white puffy clouds, bright sunshine, blue sky and it did not seem right that I had not enjoyed Bizarro.... I mean a 208 foot lift hill followed by a 221 foot drop? A roller coaster that has been critically acclaimed since its debut. A roller coaster that has won the Best Steel Roller Coaster Award in 2003, 2006, 2007, and 2008. What was wrong with me? It was really bothering me. So we went again and I did not think about it so hard and I loved it. We got right off and went again. Let me tell you that first 221 foot drop straight into a tunnel of mist takes my breath away every time. I will not be content until I see all my best friends faces after they ride this roller coaster :)

Joe had a friend that went with us that was not interested in roller coaster riding at all. This information consumed Joe. All he wanted to do was get this friend on a roller coaster. We have had a lot of conversations about this dilemma throughout this weekend. I thought I did not like roller coasters when I was young. I only went to a few theme parks when I was a kid and I never had the pleasure of going to a theme park with someone that would be able to get me to do something that I did not want to do. Then last summer at the age of 39 I just got on a roller coaster and voila I loved it. I do not even know what compelled me to do it. I guess curiosity.

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Kristy said...

I shall live vicariously through you! I do not enjoy roller coasters, and neither does Ro. Nate, however, would tag along on any he's tall enough to ride!