Jun 3, 2009

Looking For A Guarantee.

Do you do have anything in your life that you have to do a certain way, like to the point you have rituals about it? I have been thinking about this as I have a 18 year old who has more than a few things that have to be the same every time she runs a track meet. She has a certain pair of socks, lucky socks that she has to wear. She has to wash her uniform that night before the meet. And the list goes on and on. I only became aware of her rituals when Amanda happened to be wearing the "lucky socks"and I will not bore you with the drama and trauma that ensued from that.

I thought for awhile that the "sock thing" was her only thing she had to do the same every time she had a track meet but I have since found out she has a pretty large list of things that have to be just so for her to be able to run. I asked her what happens if one of those things can not happen and she will not even discuss that possibility. She assures me that every athlete has some things that have to be a certain way every time they compete. I guess that makes sense. If you perform really well one time and then another time do not perform as well aren't you going to start searching your mind for what you did different between the good time and the bad time. You probably become hyper aware of what you are doing. And then if you start regularly doing those things and you keep winning you can not help but make a correlation, can you? But I have to say I am always wondering what will happen when the time comes that those things that she HAS to do not come through for her?

Why does the superstitious/ritual thing seem to only apply to sports and performing? Why can't it work with the, "mom gig"? What if I discovered that if I wore certain socks that everyone in the family behaved better? What if every time I served pasta I noticed that everyone adored me and begged to know what their jobs were?

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