Jun 12, 2009


Why is it SO hard to finish? I have been thinking about this as the end of the school year is upon us and Joe's last 2 weeks of being in school have been spent learning how to choose which movie to watch. A very valuable skill. I mean I have been with a group of people that could not decide which movie to watch and it was definitely tough. But is it a two week course? Which movie would you choose between I Am Legend and Ironman? And how would you convince all the other 7th graders to support you so you could get what you want?

Miriam has come home from school every day the last couple of weeks needing to go to the library because all she is doing in her classes is reading her own books. And today she has three study halls at school and begged me to get her out early. I am not going to because for today I believe in finishing.

They still have 6 days of school left until official summer. I am not a teacher. I have never been a teacher. I have no idea how it works that you would have nothing to teach for the last three weeks of school. I have started many job charts with my kids and never finished them. I have started many exercise programs and never finished them. And oh the unfinished box of craft projects could surely tell some shocking tales. So I feel a little uncomfortable even wondering why finishing the school year starts earlier and earlier each year. Maybe just a little uncomfortable having high expectations of my children's public education.

But don't we all hate to have our time wasted? Don't we always want everything to be worth it? If you know something is not going to be worth it you don't even go do you? It was very tempting to want to coast the last couple weeks of Seminary but I did not. I wanted the kids to feel like it was worth it to come, I definitely did not want to waste their time at 5:30 in the morning. In some areas it is very easy for me to be a "finisher." I am super amazing at finishing books, finishing brushing my teeth, finishing a hike, and finishing tying my shoes. Other areas....not so good at finishing...and that list is pretty long and boring so I will spare you.

But after thinking about this I have decided to be a better finisher so that I can be free to judge all the other people who do not finish. :) (HAHA) Honestly, life is all about finishing, enduring to the end. How well am I doing? Well not as bad as the teachers in Western MA but not as good as I could be doing.

So I am off to finish the dishes, finish getting ready for the day, finish checking e-mails, finish exercising, finish overthinking everything, and finish sorting through boxes in the basement :)

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Kristy said...

Good for you! I rarely finish, but I'm fine with that because I have convinced myself that I'm just "constantly improving." ;-)