Jun 10, 2009

Choosing And Spending.

I had a gift card to Border's. I had been enjoying a few days of thinking of all the things I could possibly purchase with the gift card. Yesterday was rainy and there was an ill wind blowing, the wind of laziness. So I gathered the newly graduated senior who had some gift cards to Barnes and Noble and we headed on our way. I dropped her at Barnes and Noble and I drove around the corner to Borders. I was so excited:

#1. No kids with me.

#2. Quiet Tuesday at the mall.

#3. Forty dollars to spend that I would not need to figure out how to hide from the husband :)

I did not know where to start. I wanted the spending of the gift card to be perfect. I do not get gift cards very often. I had decided the best use of the gift card for me would be music because I can check out books from the library and I rarely have the need to actually own a book. So I headed straight to the music....but when I got there it was gone. I looked around a little bewildered. I searched. I did not find music anywhere. So when the Border's employee with the body piercings asked me for the second time if he could help me I blurted out, "Where is the music?" and he said simply, "It's gone." He told me that there was a few Cd's up front in the bestsellers section. I was disappointed but I decided that bestsellers could be okay and I had visions of a shelf of the top 10 Cd's of the week. That would be do-able. I finally found it but seeing that they were all $18.99 was torture for me because I knew that at Target or Wal Mart the same Cd's were all under $12.99. Even though it was a gift card I could not do it. Besides all that caught my eye was the new Greeday CD that unfortunately had the words, "explicit content" written all over it and the Miley Cyrus movie soundtrack which I know the girls would love but the $18.99 thing held me back.

So now I was adrift in Border's with a gift card to spend and no Plan B. I looked at everything. First I thought I would find some workbooks for the kids for summer but my gift card would have bought one and a half workbooks. Then I thought maybe some fun craft idea books for summer but there was no craft idea books. I confess I began to be a little sad at the selection at Border's. The huge kids section that used to be full of shelves had disappeared and in it's place was some squares to sit on. When did books become SO expensive? It was like shopping for a house, you think you will get a ton for your money and then as you start looking you realize you won't. Oh, don't get me wrong I was definitely grateful I had anything to spend at all just sad at how far it would go.

So after wandering back and forth I finally ended up in the gardening section it made the most sense to buy a good gardening book to have on hand for identifying problems and knowing how to take care of things. I mean running to the library every time I have a garden question is beginning to be a pain. :) Besides, a couple weeks ago I borrowed a gardening book from a friend and it was so fabulous to have it on hand I had to force myself to give it back to her. I found the same book at Border's and decided it had the best pictures of gross garden pests and deformed leaves. It was $30.00. But I know I will never regret owning it. So now I have a gift card with $8.57 on it and can you imagine what a process I am going to have to go through to spend that? SIGH...why do I have to think about everything so much? Most of you would probably walk in the bookstore and spend the gosh darn gift card with no expectations or romantic notions. :)

Madeline had a ton of success at Barnes and Noble but I did not want to hear about it. Which bookstore do you like best?


Melissa said...

I'm more of a library girl myself-no need to own a book I will only read once. Jared on the other hand likes to own his books and usually gets them from Amazon.com. When I have a gift cards i agonize what to get and wait for sales to get the most out of the card! Glad you found a book you like!

Ackerman/Mejias Family said...

Next time you go shopping, call me!
I can help spend other people's money like that!(finger snap.)

Kristy said...

If you sign up for Borders' e-mails, you will frequently get big coupons that will help your gift card stretch ...