Jun 18, 2009

Oh So Needy. :)

I have been thinking a lot lately. It has never been a good thing when that happens. And I have discovered that the things I want to write about are no longer "surfacy" things. All of a sudden I have deep things on my mind. Things that probably never can be solved in a million years. Seems like by the time you are forty you should have some of these things figured out :) I have tried to suppress these things but they end up trying to sneak out all the time. Maybe life really can be summed up in 304 blog posts and I am done :) I am not going away but I do need to figure out how to deal with my....hmmmm...."neediness?"

Who knows what I need?

Maybe I need Zach's cardiologist visits to end and for him to be finally settled in Estonia on his mission?
Maybe I need Miriam to find where she belongs this summer...there are no other Laurels and she is too young for Institute. She feels so adrift and sad.
Maybe I need Joe to find some good friends and someone to spend quality time with him.
Maybe I need a money tree. :)
Maybe I need to organize a manhunt to deal with the demons who enjoy hiding in my brain :)
Maybe I need aphids and slugs and blight to move on to the neighbors house :)
Maybe I need to stop suppressing and demand the Relief Society bring me meals every day for a year :) Can you imagine how many chicken and rice casseroles that could work out to be? :)
Maybe I need a different closet...one with cute clothes. :)
Maybe I need Natalie to stop wetting her pants during the day :)
Maybe I need thick, lush beautiful lawn.

Yes, I am painfully aware that being needy is not good. It has a tendency to ruin everything. Why is that? We only want to know when people want to give us something not when they need something. But don't we all have needs? Is there a certain number of things you are allowed to need and then past that number you are needy? Does anyone know that number?


Camie said...

Jen--what I need is for you to write and publish a book one of these days! I love the way you express yourself (and your needs)!

Anne Marie said...

I'm with Camie. You will need to write a book someday. With only 4 kids, I am frequently overwhelmed by all the psychological, physical, and spiritual needs of my crew. It's quite a thing to be the mom of the family. I am really hoping that everything will turn out to be okay with Zack. I like the idea of a year's worth of casseroles:)

Pam Mueller said...

What is up with Zach???

Kristy said...

I think you NEED a vacation. Come to Utah and we will do a whole lot of nothing together. Okay?

Alyson said...

Look Jen, I'm here! Do tell, what's wrong with Zach? We sent him letters and he wrote back! The kids are lovin' it!

Anne Marie said...

I desperately need an "overthinking everything" post. Write when you get a chance.

Mama Parker said...

Miss your blog!!

Kristy said...

Wait a minute. It has been FIVE WEEKS since you posted? Girlfriend, please. This girlfriend needs a post. I know you've been hiking and gardening and New Yorking and all that, but what about meeeeee?