Aug 27, 2009

Crane Beach

Last time we went to Crane Beach it was February. That is pretty much the only time I can get the husband on the beach. We had hats and mittens and coats on. We rescued a hurt seal. ( Have you read that blog?...look back in February 2007) And there was not a soul in the parking lot that holds 1300 cars. I have often wondered about what Crane Beach is like in the summer. But had yet to make it back there.....until today.

And today, my friends, I had a pretty close to perfect beach day. The sad part is there are so many factors that determine a good day at the beach you can rarely hope to duplicate it. But I will wear the same outfit I wore today next time I go just in case it happens to be a lucky outfit :)

Because of our paper routes, going to the beach can be complicated, but I think I have figured that out. We pick up the papers at 11:30 am...the minute they roll off the press, then we fold them while I am driving to the route then I drop kids everywhere with loads of papers to deliver and we all hurry. After the routes we picked up my, "going on an adventure" friend Jenn Dermody and her three kids then we picked up three of the Ackerman kids minus my other adventure friend, their mom Gail.

It was a 2 hour and 45 minute drive to Ipswich, Massachusetts where Crane Beach is located. Ipswich is up above Boston. I think I need to live in Ipswich. I love the name. I love to type it I love to say it. We arrived at the beach at 3:02pm. This I know because after three o'clock they only charge you half price to get on the you pay $7.50 instead of $15.00.

Now I know when you go the beach your goal is usually to get up and get there early. Well I must tell you there is actually something magical about arriving at the beach at 3:00 pm in the afternoon. The parking lot was definitely full. But I did not let that depress me. Crane Beach has lots of room. It is flat and wide and long. W easily found a spot to drop our armfuls of stuff and accommodate all 14 of us. Remember 3:00pm is the time that the, "early to the beach" people are getting ready to go.

The more I frequent the beach the more I become aware that there are certain things you need to make the beach enjoyable. I never knew about these things, I had to learn about them the hard way. Some people just have that innate sense that tells them what they need to make the beach perfect. I always thought it was just a towel. But I am learning that a chair...not just any chair but a certain type of chair that is low to the ground can make a person supremely happy at the beach. After all these years of longingly looking at these chairs I finally bought one a month ago for $13.00. And I love it. The next thing is food. You must have food, food that tastes good with sand in sandwiches, "sandaloupe", and "sandchips" and never ever forget a big box of fruit snacks from Costco. They have magical powers. Then if you throw in sand toys and water to drink you are set.

After we had been at the beach about 45 minutes the weather god's smiled on us. At first glance you would have thought they frowned on us but they were actually smiling. They rolled in some clouds and added about 50 drops of rain. Just enough to almost clear the beach of the pessimistic people. We decided we were not afraid of rain, we stuck it out and were rewarded....see, I told you fruit snacks were magical.

After the beach was clear of people the clouds rolled away. I have never been so content in my life. Baird children happily playing....well let me tell the truth...Joe has decided his favorite game at the beach is throw handfuls of wet sand at his sisters. I have recently read about 13 year old boys needing to throw wet sand so I have decided to ignore it :) Actually Miriam is bigger than Joe and she dealt with him splendidly leaving me completely out of the picture. I told you...magical fruit must get yourself some.

Now where was I? Oh yes, I was sitting in my pink beach chair with my feet in the finest sand I have ever felt. My kids are happy. The fruit snacks are handy. The air is not too hot, not to cool, it is just right. All around me is beautiful, gorgeous, fantastic world. I mentioned to my adventure friend Jenn that the only thing lacking was a thoughtful and handsome member of the opposite sex who could hardly wait to BBQ a steak for me and spend hours talking to me. ( the magical fruit snacks strangely let me down in this wish) I had no need to rush home. I could have stayed there forever. But the trustees of the beach felt like we should leave when the sun had set so they herded us off the beach at 7:45pm.

Yes, going to the beach is lugging a lot of stuff. Yes, going to the beach means you acquire sand. Yes, going to the beach means arriving home at 11:30 at night. But I will continue to do it because nothing beats the sound of waves. And because strangely all kids really need is sand and water to make their dreams come true.

Crane Beach will definitely let you down if you need huge waves. But that is the only con that I can think of. The water was 65 degrees today and the kids all got in and had a great time. I found out about Crane Beach when I "googled" top ten beaches in Massachusetts and it was on the list.


Julie C said...

Thank you so much for the posts, Jenn. I'm so happy I got my Overthinking Everything fix today!

I can relate to "Missing." And after reading your Crane Beach post, somehow, Bloomington Beach at Clinton Lake shouldn't even be called a beach.

BTW, how did Joe's golf tournament go?

Anne Marie said...

So happy that you wrote so much this week. That beach trip sounds positively wonderful. I too am "missing" so many things.

Pam Mueller said...

WE miss the CA beaches. Something so wonderful about getting there for a walk in the early morning or going at dinner time.

Glad you got to go one last time before the season was over.