Aug 4, 2009

Don't Be Sad.

Well just in case you found my blog and just in case you noticed I have not blogged since June 18th. And just in case you are one of my few devoted fans who keep asking when I am going to blog again I thought I would write a small explanation about my disappearance from my faithful, daily blogging :)

I started blogging in February of 2007. At the time it was fulfilling a very important need for me. I blogged clear until June 18th, 2009. I discovered through this time that I loved writing. But sadly there came a time when I realized that the things I wanted to write about were not things I could really blog about for the whole world to see. :)

I am hoping I start writing again. But until that time if you have happened across my blog and are sad that I have not recently posted don't be sad I DO have 307 posts that are patiently waiting for you to read them. All sorts of fun things... trips we took, gardening fiasco's and successes, rescuing a seal on the beach, books I read, plenty of reading to entertain you. If you miss me you can always friend me on Facebook I do try to post an entertaining status everyday:)


Kristy said...

I am sad. I miss you. But that's why I call and bug you as often as our minutes will allow.

Anne Marie said...

I am sad. But, I totally understand. Looking forward to any posts you write in the future. You are definitely one of my favorite bloggers to read.