Aug 25, 2009


Well I have a lot on my mind today. I have noticed lately that when this happens that is when I feel like blogging. So I guess that if you enjoy my blog you should pray for my mind to be brimming to the top with lots of thoughts 24/7 and then voila you will get a post. Maybe you could even sabotage me by suggesting thoughts :)

So let me tell you about my day.

Madeline left for BYU this morning at 5:15 am with three very large, stuffed suitcases. Because Brian flies so much two of her suitcases could get on the plane without being weighed which was an enormous blessing. By the time she had arrived at the airport she had already texted me twice with things she had forgotten and then once in the airport she realized she had left her hair straightener in her fathers car in the airport parking lot. And there is no way any dad who broke his watch lugging your suitcases is going back for a straightener. So hopefully she can borrow one until her dad gets back from Utah on Friday and I can mail it to her.

Joe had to be at the golf course at 9 this morning. He usually loves work and gets right up and gets ready and goes without a complaint but today he really did not want to go. Today was a tournament for kids. The minute I picked him up from work yesterday he could talk about nothing else than how much he did not want to do this. I asked lots of questions because that is what I do. And I discovered a couple things. He seemed worried about not having the "right" golfing equipment. The other kids who play in these tournaments have golf shoes, golf bags, their own clubs and visors. He felt like he stood out from a mile away. He also would like to be able to golf better. He was worried about embarrassing himself. I felt his pain. I really did. But there was no way he was not going to be where he was expected to be. When we drove to the club and I got out of the car with him and I saw all the adorable little golf bags and stylish golf shoes I felt his pain....intensely. I even noticed the mom's sizing me up...thank goodness I did not have my usual, before 9 in the morning, attire of sweats on :) These kids know each other and golf together and Joe does not know anyone. But I cheerfully patted him on the back and said, "See you at 3" and left. When I got in the car I said a little prayer that he would not be too humiliated and be able to find something positive in the experience. It is so hard to have kids that are so self conscious. All the Baird children except Madeline have had to be encouraged into their pursuits. They always love it once they are there but it takes a lot of work to get to that moment. How many times a week do you not want to do something and have to force yourself to do it? Yeah, I though so :)

When I came home I knew the dreaded moment had come. It was time to rearrange rooms since child number 2 had only been out of the house for 4 hours :) So I spent the next couple of hours moving furniture, sorting clothes, vacuuming and figuring out how to throw things away without "them" seeing. Can I just tell you how I have mastered the innocent stare when they ask if I threw something away? :) I love to organize and it felt good. There are 7 boxes of Madeline's stuff at the top of the stairs waiting for me to decide if I am woman enough to carry them down two flights of stairs. And I took 4 bags to the Goodwill. I have to say that I am a little bit proud of the fact that the Goodwill items did not go to a holding area of any kind they went straight to the car and straight to the Goodwill. There, now was that so hard? :)

It was good I had a lot of work to do today it really helps to be busy when you have things on your mind that could consume you if you let them.


My Many Coloured Days said...

Oh I am so glad you are blogging again. I was getting tired of reading all of your past posts :)

You are a breath of fresh air, and make me think. Overthink, even.

Greg's little sister (Laura Gilpin) is JUST being dropped off at BYU too - so they should connect. Perhaps they will regardless. It's a crazy time. But unforgettable no matter what.

Did I ever mention I think you are amazing? I do.

the skeans family blog said...

What a brave and wonderful mom you are.