Sep 21, 2009

Changing......For The Better? :)

Do you have a list of things you just simply never do? Things that make you feel so good about yourself because you NEVER do them? I have been noticing lately that I am doing things I never, in a million years, thought I would do. Just in the last year I have become painfully aware that most of the things that I used to never do when I was a young mom I now do. Things that I used to care about SO deeply I frankly no longer care about. Things that will probably scar the last three children forever and result in me having to pay for their therapy. Let me enlighten you.

White bread.
You must admit it when you see someone with THAT bread with the red, blue and yellow circles on the wrapper what do you think? Yeah, I thought so. You wonder how they could buy Wonder don't you? Well I never thought I would purchase it but I do. I dabbled around in other white bread before I finally took the plunge and now not only do I purchase it but I purchase it at Costco in.....gasp...bulk. $2.99 for two loaves. My children are the envy of every child in the cafeteria at school. Yes, I do buy wheat bread too. And I occasionally even make homemade bread but somehow white bread just snuck in to the shopping cart and into the Baird home.

Writing in magazines.
I used to be a magazine Nazi....yes, there is such a thing. When the kids magazines would come in the mail I would never let them do the fun stuff pages. What if someday I needed to copy those pages for an activity and they were all colored on? Well the Internet fixed that and this last Sunday in stake conference when I watched Tatiana do a word search in the actual magazine, with an actual pen, on the actual page I was pleased to discover I had no anxious feelings about her writing in the magazine. Sick and twisted? Maybe :)

Every room being spotless when company came over.
Whew, let me tell you I really used to care about this one. What if they need to see your basement storage room? (Yes, I have had that happen.) I used to kill myself making sure everything was clean. I remember one time a group of ladies were at my house for a party and as they were walking through my laundry room and into the garage a lady opened my dryer on her way by and saw clothes in it and said out loud "oh whew, I thought you were perfect." And now I am happy to confess that my kitchen, dining room, and one bathroom are very clean for my company. And in case you think I am perfect I have several messy rooms for your viewing pleasure.

Cold Cereal

Oh I have always bought it but I tried to be righteous and only buy Kix or Raisin Bran or Life. Sugar cold cereal used to be our tradition for Christmas...everyone would get a box under the Christmas Tree. Well now I regularly buy Trix, Lucky Charms....and even Cocoa Puffs. I have no idea how it happened. All I know is that if cereal is under $2.oi a box these days I buy it.

Playing Outside On Sunday

I used to not let the Baird kids outside on Sunday. We used to talk about how it needs to be a day that is different day from other days. I remember once they were desperate to go outside and jump on the trampoline and I reminded them of our policy that we needed Sunday to be a different day from the other days of the week...and one of my smart aleck kids said that they could jump on the trampoline naked and that would make it different. Oh Dear !! So ever so slowly things changed and my kids are allowed outside on Sunday. The funny thing is once it was allowed they didn't want to do it anymore. If they do go outside they get a blanket or a chair and read. And we never have to worry about neighbor kids wanting to play because where we live there is no neighbors.

It definitely happens slowly. Little by little things change for lots of reasons. One thing about it I could never be accused of not being open to change :)


Kristy said...

I think I like the changes! I especially like the trampoline one. I used to sneak Wonder bread into our cart when I was little. But my poor deprived kids don't get Wonder, either. I know! We'll come visit you!

Someday ...

Melissa said...

Please tell me this is part of getting older and wiser??? We understand that some things really aren't that important. I definitely do things that "younger" Melissa would be appalled at! Glad I'm not alone!