Sep 29, 2009


What mother of teenagers has not contemplated on the word embarrassed? I wonder why we get embarrassed? Is it necessary to experience embarrassment? Are you a better person because you have experienced it? Is there really truly anyone who has never been embarrassed? I tried to ask my kids about why they get embarrassed but strangely they were too embarrassed to answer :)

Something I read said that if you have never been embarrassed it means you never take any chances. Interesting idea.

I have been asking around. And a lot of people say that they think embarrassment comes more to people who are insecure.....oh drat...that's me.

I am really very talented at suppressing embarrassing moments. It takes a little bit of work to completely shut the door on those moments they are always trying to stick their toe or arm in the way and keep the door from closing completely. But I usually can do well enough at suppressing them that when I am at a party and someone gets the brilliant idea to require everyone to tell about their most embarrassing moments I conveniently can't think of one.

I would be happy to share my embarrassing moments if they were as simple as going into the wrong restroom or falling down somewhere. But unfortunately my embarrassing moments are way more involved than that. I usually say something that I wish with all my might I could take back. And we all know how easy it is to take things back once you say them :) In my defense I just really want to tell you everything. I hate to wonder so I just assume that you hate to wonder also. Yeah,'s just messy. I try to remember to chant in my head...."less words is better, less words is better" But it is sadly like telling the waves not to break on the shore.

Think of all the potential there is out there for us to be embarrassed.....our kids, our pets, our spouse, ourselves, even our house and our car that don't say a word can embarrass us...... so many options so little time.

My friends do not embarrass me. Even when they open a box of something from their shopping cart and start eating it before they pay for it :) My kids actually rarely embarrass me. Miriam's red Converse high tops embarrass me when she wears them with her capris.....but I never tell her. Joe's need to holler random things out the car window embarrasses me.....oh, and his occasional temper tantrums. Amanda has a small need to tell everything exactly like it is, a great quality but at times embarrassing. I love my house so that does not embarrass me. My big white van is a tad embarrassing.

Last night Miriam embarrassed Joe like nobody's business. We were in Wal-Mart and you could tell that Joe was extremely embarrassed to be with us. It was interesting that he even chose to come in the store with us and not just wait in the car. My policy with embarrassed teenagers is that I just ignore them but I don't think Miriam's teenagers will be so fortunate. Because in the middle of the health and beauty aisle she randomly decided to VERY loudly announce, "Hey, everyone this is my little brother isn't he cute?" A little old lady walking by declared that he was. And Joe took off into the depths of Wal Mart. Miriam bought him a Gatorade because she had no idea it would embarrass him so much. She offered him her "Gatorade of peace" which he adamantly declined. But then when he got in the car he decided he did want the Gatorade and as soon as he drank out of it Miriam declared, "ah ha you drank out of the Gatorade of Peace" so you have to forgive me. Just to save me from having to tell you the embarrassing details of how they then chose to interact with each other let's just say that that was not how it worked in Joe's mind.

I hate how I still cringe when I remember embarrassing moments. Remembering one or two of the more painful ones make it so I have no choice but to immediately close my eyes no matter where I am hoping that that can make it so the embarrassing moment never happened. You do know that if you close your eyes it means it never happened? :)

I found this quote while I was reading about why we get embarrassed,"If we live in the truth we have nothing to be embarrassed or fearful about." I found that the more I thought about it the more I realized this statement was painfully true. If Joe was okay with the truth about his short mom and his teenage sister we wouldn't embarrass him. What do you think?


Ackerman/Mejias Family said...

I don't know about the truth helping you NOT to be embarrassed. Truth is sometimes just a painful reminder of what is. Kind of like "Oh, I just got my period at church and I'm trying to leave, and my home teacher comes running after me and won't let me leave until I set a time for him to visit. I can't think straight because I'm hoping to dive into the car before any evidence can be seen, but he grabs the door of the car and you can only use it as a shield because he won't let you close it, and all the while you think it must be a cruel dream." No, I think sometimes things are just embarrassing.

Brianne said...

I never embarrassed my mother when I was a teenager, she was always trying to find ways to embarrass me. For mom took a friend of mine and me to a supermarket. We were walking past the isle with the femine products, and two teenage boys were stocking something in the isle. So not knowing what was going on we followed her down the isle. She picked up a box of tampons and said really loudly, "Don't you girls need some of these?" We got out of that isle very quickly. I think my mom and Miriam would get along quite well!

Jenn said...

Hey, I offered you one of those cookies at Aldi's that day I opened the package for Sean before paying for it! Would you have been embarrassed if you joined in on the eating of non purchased food?! I think that is only embarrassing if say, you forgot your wallet or your card got declined after you have consumed the product!!! Then, that would be really bad and embarrassing.