Sep 11, 2009

Food and a Movie.

When I first saw the ad's for the movie Julie &Julia I remember having a mild interest. It wasn't one of those movies that you declare loudly to your neighbor after the preview, "I have got to see that one." I actually did not really understand at first what the movie was about. The reviews never seemed to catch my attention and there were enough of them that were negative that I never thought I HAD to see it. And then one day I was in the dentist office reading Time magazine and came across a three page article on the movie. And with the receptionist's voice gossiping on and on and on in the background I found myself reading about a movie that all of a sudden I HAD to see. The person who wrote that article had a lot of power. Their words made me want to go and see the movie right away. So the very next day I went to see Julie & Julia it was worth waiting through the 4 hours of commercials and 2 hours of previews for the delicious 2 hours and three minutes of the Julie & Julia world. I was amazed at all the emotions I felt as I watched this movie. I laughed. I cried. I felt longing. I felt hungry. I even wondered...I am sure that is no surprise to you :) I really connected with all the characters and walked away from the movie incredibly inspired to cook something other than Eggo's.

I spent this morning reading about the movie and was interested to discover that not just me but most people did not expect to like the movie and ended up adoring it. It is different from most movies you see because the main story is food. And it is beautiful food. It inspired me so.(oh drat I am using the word inspire a lot huh?) It made me think about how little we know anymore about cooking and the fine art of it. It made me immediately go and purchase more butter from Costco. It made me wonder how to make my own fruit snacks :) It made my spaghetti and tacos seem so boring. And it made me pretty confident in my conviction that my pans are very bad and that I must find a richer husband who can get me some Le Crueset cookware. The older I get the more I demand of my eating experiences ( in my house or in a restaurant) but I am frustrated that I am too lazy and poor to meet that demand. It requires a lot of work and a lot of time to cook well. And a lot of money. I know, I stand in the store and gaze longingly at the nice cheeses, good cuts of meat and amazing breads just like the rest of you do.

So the movie is the true story of Julia Child and the true story of a girl named Julie Powell. How do they connect? Well Julie Powell in 2002 decided for many reasons to start a blog and write about her experiences cooking all the recipes in Julia Child's cookbook. She takes a whole year and cooks 500 or so recipes and blogs about her experiences. So the movie goes back and forth between Julia Child's life in France and how she got her book published and between Julie Powell's life in New York and her blogging and cooking.

I read a lot of New York Times articles about the movie, I love to know as much as I can about things, and as I was clicking on links I found myself on Julie Powell's actual blog. Imagine having 500 comments on a blog entry? I found at a certain point that I needed to stop gathering information. Why do we sometimes not want anything to mess with our happy thoughts? Sometimes mixing the real with the unreal is sobering. Julie is just a person like all of us. She has opinions and faults. I wanted her to be the person in the movie and that is not realistic in any way.

I read articles about how much work goes into making the food look just right on screen and having enough food on hand for the possibility of lots of takes of a scene and on top of everything else having to take into consideration the actors personal eating habits. I read articles from the NY Times about this movie and marriage that had quotes like, "But most often film unions are dreary and painful, a chore that must be slogged through en route to the real story line........But happy, relaxed, rolling-along-together marriage? “It’s like spotting a unicorn,” And I read articles about blogging since that is a big part of the movie. I learned that blogger's can tend to be self centered...who me...I could only aspire to be self centered :)

Now don't you lose any sleep over thinking that I spent way too much time reading articles today. It was all fun and I planned for it. Remember I am "plan girl."

So all that said, "What are you doing tonight at 6:30?" I think I am going to go see Julie & Julia again :)


Kristy said...

I loved it, too. I will never make an aspic, but I might try the Beef Bourguignon, even though I'm not much of a meat eater.

And let me tell you from the depths of my soul: a big Le Creuset pot is a worthy investment. My mom has had hers for 30+ years. It's flame orange. I have a yellow one. And a lime green one. One a gift, one a bargain find. You know, you DO have an extra $90.00 ... ;-)

Pam Mueller said...

Thank you for your review. I was not sure if I should go see it. Now I will, wish we were closer, I would go with you!