Sep 10, 2009

Glorious Thursday.

I love Thursday. Thursday is my free day. My, "I can do whatever I want day." Thursday fills up fast with all my little hearts desires. Thursday has been blessed to come after Wednesday which is a very difficult day...if you saw Wednesday on paper you would wonder how Wednesday ever happens at my house. Because Wednesday is so tough it has helped make Thursday my favorite. I know you are wondering about Friday but Friday is not my favorite because Friday is when the kids start filling up MY weekend with their plans.

So here is what I have accomplished so far on this glorious day:

Alarm rang at 4:45 am.

got right up

pulled on exercise clothes

made Joe's lunch ....because if I don't make it Amanda has nothing to complain about in the morning.

took the phone up to Joe's room so that I could call him to wake him up.

left at 5:10 to drive kids to Seminary

listened to my new Colbie Caillat CD the whole way.

while kids were in Seminary I exercised in the Primary room until 6:30 when the kids called me from the car in the parking lot wondering where I was...oops, I was all alone in the dark and locked up church exercising, duh :)

called Joe to make sure he got up...because it is important to give Amanda something to complain about on the 25 minute ride to school.

got home and made it just in time to have Joe follow me around the house asking 73 times if he could purchase another air soft gun today after school

got the 7 and 9 year old up for school

convinced the 9 year old that it was time to take the band-aids on her arm off....very bad idea....ruined I am serious it really ruined her life.

Got the last two on the bus at 8:35 after convincing the 9 year old that no one would laugh at her nose...that was very red from all the crying about the band-aid incident.

So here it is 8:48 in the morning and this is what is left on my list:


four yards of topsoil being delivered at fall project is to do whatever it takes to make the front lawn happy.

mail box to Zach.....Zach's birthday is in October and it will take at least 6 weeks for a box to get to him in Estonia. I am having a hard time figuring out what to send..... I have a flat rate box that will cost me $53.50 to send and can only weigh 20 lbs. He can not get peanut butter in Estonia and would really like some of that. I also have some pudding, peanut m&m's and a dry cookie mix. I think I will throw in a SD card for his camera but past that the child is very difficult to buy for since he hates for anyone to spend money. Yes, I asked him and all he said he wanted was family history...ugh. Any ideas on what to put in the box?

Mail box to Madeline...Madeline left her straightener, her favorite shorts, a gift card someone gave her to the BYU bookstore and her last paycheck from her summer job. I also threw in her favorite strawberry bars from Trader Joe's.

Thoroughly clean the basement play room. I am doing a room a day organizing, moving furniture and such. Today it is the basement play room.

Vacuum out both cars...someone is borrowing our big white van for the weekend and the remains of summer beach trips are in that van....sand, fruit snack wrappers, shells, ponytail holders and water bottles. Frankly the van is so big I never go all the way to that back seat....who knows what could be back there :)

Drive kids on paper routes. Don't feel bad it is actually really fun one on one time with Miriam and Joe...they strangely look forward to it

Read 4 chapters in Cold Sassy Tree. This is the book club book for the month and I am the reviewer so i am reading a few chapters a day.

mop floors.......I know, is it strange that this makes me happy and that I save it for my special Thursday?

Figure out what to spend an extra $90.00 on. Believe me this is SO tough. I mean when you have extra money that does not have to be for anything you need the spending of that money to be perfect in every way. Don't tell anyone but I may just save it for awhile

Go to the library. Tatiana is in the middle of this great series by ED Baker and she NEEDS the third book or she might die.

Call about pears. I actually just did this while I was writing and the guy will have pears for me next Monday....$20.00 a bushel. Pears are the Baird families favorite so I have two bushels of pears to look forward to meeting next week.

Figure out how to convince Joe that he does not need to spend his money on another air soft gun.

Also, convince Miriam that the shoe basket by the front door is not hers personally. yeah, can you believe that snuck onto the glorious Thursday list?

Well I better go embrace my Thursday so why don't you see if you can muster up enough confidence to comment.....I think I may need some comments to be waiting for me tonight :) And you will be able to cross off, "building Jennifer's self esteem" on your Thursday list :)


Kristy said...

Jenn, your Thursday list made me tired, but I'm happy if you're happy! My "day off" list looks more like this: Nap. Watch Project Runway. Walk the dog. Take out salmon from Market Street. Nap.

As usual, you are a much better person (and parent) (and blogger) than I!

Enjoy your Thursday. :)

Madeline said...

Colbie Calliat CD!!! Don't forget to send that too!!

My Many Coloured Days said...

Love the second comment on here!

You are a great Mom. I am so struggling trying to find myself as a new "school" mom - and you are such an ideal example. But yeah, you make me tired!!!

Do you dare tell us what gets left for Friday ?

Jo said...

Hi Jenn, I love the sound of your Thursday and I enjoy reading your blog when I get a chance - it lets me feel what it's like to be in a big family - fun!
(Bob Ackerman's sister)

Camie said...

Have you eaten anything today?? I'm worried now because of everything you have done, and you haven't mentioned that you ate anything at all!

Also, I had a few hours sans kids today and what I did reminds me of you. I was stocking my pantry with a big trip to Aldi. Do you remember one time when I was chatting on the phone with you and I dropped three glass bottles of pasta sauce on my tile and they sprayed all over my carpet?? Whenever I go to Aldi I think about that and I remember how I was on the phone with you. Also, that was almost 7 years ago, and I was a very young mom with just one baby girl! Wow!

Topher said...

Dear Sister Baird,
If there's still room on your Thursday list, would you be so kind as to take a picture of your topsoil. I need to order some, but I have no idea how big a four yard pile is. Having a picture, perhaps with Kitt Romney on top to give it some perspective, would help me know how much I need to order for myself.
Thank you most kindly,

Kristy said...

Ooo! Ooo! I want a picture of Kitt Romney, too! She is clearly a genius cat. Probably a pregnant genius cat. ;-)

Bernd and Rachel said...

Hey-since we have entered the crazy world of paper routes, I have actually really come to like the one on one time too! :) Fun Thursday Jenn!

Pam Mueller said...

Where do you find the energy??
If makes me tired reading it.

Karin said...

I'm commenting for the first time, although I've been reading your blog for a while. I'm Jenn Dermody's friend from Ogden and found your blog through hers.

I must say, you are an inspiration. I'm so glad to know my dear friend, Jenn D, is in such good hands in Mass.

I relate on so many levels to what you blog about. I'm the oldest of 7 and have 4 of my own. I used to drive my brother on his paper route. Very treasured times for both of us. Crazy how that works.

Karin said...

So I just wanted to add a thank you for letting me anonymously read your blog. Feel free to check out mine, but its private, so let me invite you.
email me at
sk_brown @

C Tam said...

You make me so look forward to being a mom. Your kids are hilarious. Maybe Zach would like post-it notes. I used them a lot on my mission: perfect for leaving "thank you" notes hidden after dinner appointments, or even leaving behind guilt-inducing notes on doorknobs when investigators were not home for their scheduled appointments. Or for leaving "love notes" to companions, tucked inside their scriptures (er, that might be a distinctly "sister missionary" thing to do...but you get my drift).