Sep 22, 2009


Today is a cloudy day. I can hear the darn acorns dropping off the trees onto the driveway where I will run over them with my car. Smashed acorns make an enormous mess on the driveway but I really do like the sound of my tires going over the acorns and smashing them. And yes, I think about that sound as I am sweeping them off of the driveway.

Everyday on the paper route Joe collects acorns. And on the drive home he tries to hit signs with them. Yes, I let him throw acorns out the window. To hear them hit the signs is a very rewarding sound. Sometimes I wish he could drive the car so I could try. I think I might have a hidden talent for acorn throwing. In my mind I imagine myself hitting every single sign.....never ever missing. Let me tell you if it really ever happens that I am actually in the car with someone who would be okay with me throwing acorns at signs and I do hit them all I am going to have to figure out h0w to make it an Olympic sport and of course give it a clever name. What would an acorn throwers uniform look like? :) Did I really just confess all of that out loud? Yep, it is a slow blogging day.

Speaking of imagining yourself doing something. Do you ever do that?

Ever since I was little I have imagined myself singing on stage. I imagine my great dance moves. I imagine my adoring fans but that is about as far as that ever goes. I used to close my eyes and put my hands over my ears so I could hear myself really well and sing at the top of my lungs when I was a kid. I even went so far as to declare to my parents that I did not need to learn how to work because I would be able to afford servants when I was famous :) Do I need to mention that it never happened? :) But it has always intrigued me that I could imagine every single detail of me singing a song and yet honestly it really will never ever happen.

Skiing, I imagine myself skiing too. Not as much or as clearly as I imagine the, "being famous and singing thing" but enough that I am mentioning it. The sun is shining. The snow is perfect. And I am smoothly skiing down an amazing mountain. Bending my knees here and bending my knees there..... I am not perfect at it but I can do it. I wonder if you can clearly see yourself doing something that means you are going to be a natural when you get to try it? Oh and don't forget that in my imagination my ski outfit all matches :)

Shooting a bow and arrow is another one. I have a definite feeling that I might be good at this. And yes, I can imagine myself hitting target after target. I can feel the bow in my hand and see the arrow flying. Joe and Amanda have bows and arrows and I once shot a milk carton full of water and it was very rewarding. I just never have time to practice though. Too busy blogging :)

Sometimes when I am watching the kids soccer games and things are not moving along the way I can clearly see from the sideline that they should be moving I imagine myself running out onto the field and kicking that ball like nobody's business and winning the game. "Yep, that's Joe's mom, too bad Joe can't play soccer like she can."

So you never imagine yourself doing something? Great. Just great.

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Ackerman/Mejias Family said...

You know what I imagine?? Winning an award for mother of the year. My children have tears of joy and appreciate all the sacrifices I've made for them. They brag how lucky they are and how they wouldn't trade me for anything... I know, haha.