Sep 7, 2009

Logistics, Logistics, Logistics......

Logistics and I have a love/hate thing going on. Logistics means the coordination, the engineering, the planning, the organization, or even better yet the strategy. I care deeply about logistics. Details, planning, engineering, coordination and organization all are words that make me SO happy. I do adore them. But just as any relationship can be sometimes logistics are hard to figure out. No matter how I move them around on paper, no matter how I mull them over while laying in my bed with my eyes closed I can not for the life of me figure out how some situations are logistically going to work out. That is a tough situation for little old Jennifer to be in. And lucky you, I am actually in one of those aforementioned situations right now...yes, at this very moment...... I can not figure out the logistics of getting my children to and from Seminary which starts tomorrow.

Now admitting this to you is a small miracle. I mean I am the girl who (with two fabulous helpers) figured out the logistics of providing authentic pioneer food for 120 people for the 3 day pioneer trek in Indiana on a minuscule budget. I also am the girl who has figured out the logistics of many years of homemaking, young women's and primary activities. I also confess to being the girl who figured out the logistics of enormous school carnivals in Kansas. And last but definitely not least I am the girl who figured out the logistics of teaching 7 people to brush their own teeth, wash their own hair and use the bathroom.

Just in case you did not know Seminary is the name of our churches early morning religious education program for our youth who are in 9th to 12th grade. They should attend Seminary during the school year for all 4 years of high school. I really believe in Seminary and would do anything to get my kids there. If we lived where there were a lot of Mormons this would be, "easy peasy japaneasy" my kids would go to Seminary during one of their class periods at school...end of discussion on logistics. But there are not a lot of Mormons in Massachusetts so my kids get the privilege of attending early morning Seminary.

Since I really do not have anyone to talk about logistics with I figured you might be game to talk with me about Mr.Logistics....behind his back, of course, because he is very sensitive.

Here are the facts:
Seminary starts at 5:40am in Springfield Massachusetts.
I live in Westfield, Massachusetts which is 25 minutes from Springfield.
I have to leave by 5:10 am in the morning to be in Springfield by 5:40 am.
I have to stay in Springfield until 6:30 am when Seminary ends.
I have to get the girls to the high school back in Westfield as quick as I can.
I have to meet the parents of the baby I babysit at 7:15 am.
I have to be home by 7:30 am so that Joe can get on the bus so that the little girls are not left alone.
While I am gone Joe, Tatiana and Natalie are home alone getting themselves ready for school.

Are you still with me? Please don't go I really need you.

Now the unknown in this tale is traffic. It could definitely complicate things. But there is nothing I can do about that so I am going to do something I RARELY do and let that part go. Yes, without taking any medication whatsoever I am letting something go :) Please do not try this at home :)

Another part of the logistics is an extra but nevertheless I am really trying to figure out how to work it in and that is exercise. In a perfect world (which I would dearly love to live in) I would exercise in the neighborhood around my church while the kids were in class. But since my church building requires the services of a security guard and gets broken into frequently I would imagine running in the dark in the morning would not be a good idea. I have thought about driving to another neighborhood which is 10 minutes away and a little better in the safety department but that would not leave me much know 50 minutes take away 20 minutes of driving equals 30 minutes. We all love story problems don't we?

So right now I am mulling over the idea of exercising with a exercise DVD and a portable DVD player in one of the rooms in the church. Most people I talk to highly recommend using the 50 minute of Seminary time to sleep in my car or read but neither of those appeal to me.

The biggest thing on my mind is that I will be getting my kids at home ready for school via phone. But hey, maybe if it works I could market the idea and make millions :) I mean maybe there is something to not seeing what they are wearing when they leave the house :)

So wish me luck as I head off tomorrow to discover if the world is flat or round. Columbus and I could have worked well together...he would have been brave enough to head off without a plan and I would have planned everything I possibly could have had control over :)

And many thanks for listening. Maybe we could set up a regular listening time everyday?


Kristy said...

I am a very happy listener, but have no suggestions, except that the nap in the car sounds good. I guess you could also run laps in the halls at the church, but some might frown on that ...

Good luck, my friend. If anyone can figure it out, it is you. That is why you have perfect beach days.

Ackerman/Mejias Family said...

I thought I had it crazy driving to Ludlow, but you've got me beat!
I would love to try to exercise with you, but that would depend on Bob's schedule. Maybe you could drive to my house (3 minutes up the road) and we could walk or I could watch you run as I walk. Let me know!

jcmcmt said...

Actually, it sounds as though you have it all figured out. I vote for the DVD in a room in the's perfect!!!

Camie said...

I'm listening too--and I would love to have a regular listening time daily!

I also have a favorite workout DVD, but it is very intense and might be embarrassing to do in a semi-public place. It is biggest loser weight loss yoga, and Jillian Michaels 30 day shred. Both very hard.

Good luck with Mr. Logistics--he sounds very difficult!

Anne Marie said...

OH my goodness. What a morning! 5:40 in the morning!!!!! Good luck with everything.

Camie said...

I read your blog right before I went to bed, and I was laying in my bed thinking about this problem of timing. And I think I came up with the perfect solution: let BRIAN drive to seminary!! Perfect!

JENNIFER said...

yeah, I wish Brian could do that :)

Topher said...

wait, I thought YOU were the seminary teacher?