Sep 17, 2009

New Cell Phone's.

Just before we get to far along I must tell you I used to live in a fantasy world and in that fantasy world the Baird children had one cell phone to be used between them all. They shared it lovingly. And there were unicorns.

Yeah, so not reality. The aforementioned kid cell phone immediately became Madeline's cell phone. And sharing and lovingly are not the first two words that came to my mind when I remember her hostile reign as"the kid cell phone keeper." Before I knew what had happened we had 4 kids with cell phones. I vaguely remember there being good reasons for it all to happen. I definitely remember fighting a good fight for it not to happen. But clearly I do not have much power because it happened.

Since it happened I have slowly watched my world change:

We discuss the word minutes and how many are too much..... way too often.
My children call me from the basement when I am in the kitchen. (no, I do not answer)

My only consolation has been that the Baird children have had very old, out of style phones. I loved that they had to complain about how big their phones were. And how they could not do anything amazing with their phones. Why did I love this..... I don't know.

Anyhow, Madeline recently went to college and after being at BYU for about 2 weeks we started receiving panicked phone calls from our very, "addicted to her cell phone" teenager. Her screen on her phone had gone black and she could only call people who were on speed dial and no texting could happen. I felt so gleeful. I was so happy that Madeline was having a forced cell phone detox. I had only dreamed that this moment could happen. It just so happened that her phone died while Brian was climbing a mountain in Maine and his name is the only one on our Verizon account thus making it impossible for me to deal with the cell phone crisis. So Madeline kept Facebooking me about her woe. And e-mailing me about her woe. And luckily I was speed dial number one so that she could call me about her woe. Finally Brian came down off the mountain and we began to deal with it.

While dealing with it we discovered that everyone in the family was eligible for a phone upgrade. There were nine phone options to choose from that were free. I confess I did need a new cell phone. My 3, 6, and 9 were becoming very lazy. Thus making it frustrating to make calls involving 3, 6 or 9. But I refused to choose. I really did not care which cell phone I got. All I wanted was the simplest cell phone imaginable. My husband has a very complicated phone that is always doing what it is not supposed to be doing and making him mad. I do not want that for myself. So I just told the kids to choose one for me.

Madeline, Miriam and Amanda all got to choose one phone from the 9 free ones for themselves. Miriam chose a complicated one that is shiny red that some person somewhere in the depths of Samsung headquarters named Intensity.

Amanda could not decide and finally chose just a basic plain old phone that some less creative Samsung employee named LX VG550.

Madeline's phone got sent to straight to BYU to her. So it is like having a grandchild that I have not seen.

I also got a plain phone just like I requested. No sprinkles. Just plain. But it does have a name and it is named Smooth. And can I just tell you the Samsung people got that name oh so right. I love the feel of this phone. I never imagined I would get to say something like that. But can I just tell you in all seriousness you really should feel my new phone. I need to figure out how to tell it to not play music for my wake up alarm. But I actually really like my new phone. I have wall paper that looks like the opening credits of a James Bond movie...minus the female know just the swirly, yet strangely organized shapes. All my keys work which is a welcome treat.And we have discussed at length whether my phone is black or dark blue. And did I mention it is super smooth. I wish I could describe how it feels to you. It is not shiny or slippery it has a strange but soothing texture. Okay, I know I am weird. But when you feel it you will no doubt agree.

I do not know why I resisted and continue to resist technology. I tell you I am so weird that I actually dial all my numbers. I do have them in my contacts but I hate to not know the number and have to rely on the contact list to always be there so I rarely use it.

I rebel against snazzy ring tones and so my ring tone is called classic bell. And it is just that an old fashioned ring.

I wonder why everyone likes to be so accessible? If I was a teenager I would want it like when I was a kid and my parents had no way of getting a hold of me when I was smooching at the end of the driveway, or smooching at the high school, or smooching......just kidding :) But I am saying that because of cell phones my kids have no excuse for not being in touch with me....if only they knew what they were missing :)


Kristy said...

I am so happy! So happy that you are sharing in the joy that is technology.

Melissa said...

Janae keeps asking for a cell phone. The current answer is "NO WAY" but I know eventually she will get one! Glad you like your new phone!

C Tam said...

"Unicorns...A grandchild I have not seen...No sprinkles...All my keys work." These are the lines that tickled me most. Thanks for a really fun post.

BTW, Jerry's work just let him choose a new cell and he was lamenting last night about how stressful it is to have too many good features on it. So I will tell him your successful transition with the Smooth variety and suggest he make a more modest selection next time. =)

Pam Mueller said...

WE are in the throws of getting the kids new phones too. They have to pay for it if they don't choose the free ones. I think they spend far to much time on them too.
Rebecca keeps pestering me as to when will she be old enough for one.
Sorry about the "grandchild you have not seen" maybe at Christmas you will get to play with it!

Anne Marie said...

Glad I'm not the only one who likes to dial the numbers instead of hitting speed dial! Oh, I love to read about your life!